Xwallet dapps on fxcore?

What about the dapps on the xwallet app.
Crypto Zoo, Lucky Spinner, Dust 'n Draw, CryptoIDR?

Are they potential Dapps to move over and run on fxcore?
Are these 3th party apps wich are centralized?

It’s not that i like the dapps so much, think only Crypto Zoo is worth while, but just wondering.
And what about the xwallet as a whole, including telegram integration, is that something that will run on fxcore eventually?

I just remembered i asked simular question while ago… sorry for the doubling…

Dapps requires address signage to grant permission from owner which can’t happen with centralized apps, they need to twist the base of the app to work in decentralized manners to be able to be applied on fxwallet.

As for social communicating app they must build something new which works with fxtp protocol they building on.

Thanks, that makes sence.
So they are not real Dapps but more api kind of i guess.

Crypto Zoo is build “in house”.
So think that maybe that one could eventually run on fxcore.