Xwallet to Fx Wallet

Hi fx and Pundix Army,

I’m Sina, and have a french discord for fans of PUNDIX in France. We are a group of people really enthusiast about Pundix and Fx projects. This question is for me and all the discord group.

I’ve tried to find an answer before, but not so clear.

I have and hold pundix and fx on the Xwallet since 2019. I’ve seen the evolution of the project and today i’m a bit frustrated because i would like to withdraw tokens form Xwallet to Fxwallet and it’s not possible directly.

It’s kind of risky for beginners in crypto to withdraw on ethereum and make a swap without make some technical error, risky and expensive.

Do you plan to plug Xwallet on Fxchain and pundix chain to withdraw token, and if yes, more or less when ?

We wonder if exchanges gonna be plugged on this blockchains too for withdraw directly on the FxWallet, i think about Binance, Kucoin, Gate.io ect

It would be nice to withdraw BNB from Xwallet on BEP20 network too.

I also wonder if, with the Xpos we will be allowed to deliver crypto on Fxwallet directly.

In advance, thank you for your message.



I wait for the next step please

just a Note for you all erc20 tokens are eth network tokens no matter where they are it cost eth transaction fee’s to move them to anywhere. that said if fee’s are to high to make it worth while moving the token then would generally mean you don’t have a lot, the moving around of small quantities in the eth network has become a problem to all erc20 small bag holders it’s not just an issue with Xwallet. I have not seen any chatter by the project about Xwallet but know your Funds are safe there, Because of the fee’ costs if you only have small bags there will be little gain for you moving them and will take far longer to earn the costs back once you go through the process to move on chain, as in all transactions it’s up to you to choose your smartest course of action, those small quantity’s may be best spent waiting to be used one day through the xpos system, I deliberately left funds in Xwallet for this purpose at a later date, your best option maybe to take a guess of the costs and then just use those funds to buy on chain coin when it become available or buy new fx on FX wallet and spend the eth to move them on chain, best option with small quantities is to wait for the time it takes for the movement to become worth while; no one can tell you when that will be.