Your favourite influencer to work with MarginX

Who are your favourite crypto/trading influencers (Twitter/YouTube/TikTok) that MarginX should work with?

If selected, you’ll be rewarded with a MXAlliance Common (10% TR /20% RC) NFT.

Comment below with links/contacts would be great!


My top Twitter picks:

AlgoTrading - | 8-fig Trader + 9 fig in referral volume
Tree Of Alpha - | On Binance and FTX P&L leaderboard
HedgeHog - | 7-8fig Trader
Hsaka - | Trader

There’s still more, but I can’t remember their names… :thinking:


Hi !

For French communities, thèse 2 people rocks:
@RodolpheSteffan (twitter)
@PowerHasheur (twitter)



Dedy corbuzier he indonesian magician, and youtuber
He has 19 millions subcriber

But hopefully margin x should work with elon musk

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I support team decision to hire influencer

Fx go strong

Maybe a tweet with this request to get more exposure…


from the start i always mention to invite influencer to get more exposure
especial elon musk

even radio caca, rent a place near the spacex office, making movies near space x :joy:

shilling is good for short time exposure but bad on long term
fx no need shilling, just a little bit exposure

Yes. We’ll come to that later :slight_smile:

I think you got lost in translation … we’re MarginX, not Function X ($FX) to begin with. :joy:

Appreciate your input, but having a magician with 19m followers is not something we prefer; as majority of his followers don’t buy crypto let alone doing perpetuals. This will need a lot of heavy lifting in educating his followers … definitely not quantity that we are looking for, but quality (trading groups to start with).

As for Elon Musk … we’ll take it as a troll intended. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Keep it coming folks!

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Thank you … will check them out :slight_smile:

Yes! These are the type of influencers that MarginX can relate to … will try our luck, as they don’t usually accept sponsorships.


i think david gokhstein wrote an article about @DavidK few years ago… maybe he got some connection there


Good list … very relevant. Thanks a lot!

Yes. We’ll check with David on David Gokhstein too :slight_smile:

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found the article :smiley:


I’am taking serious with elon musk

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First time reading this … good one! Thanks!

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Yup. He’s on our list :blush:
He the one who found crack on terra luna