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I’ve just finished watching the interview Zac and David had with Ryan and I’m really digging this type of content to engage and educate newcomers with both Pundi X and Function X.

I’m suggesting introducing a limited supply of forum badges + custom titles to the members who can find more of these organic interviews / AMA sessions & Live QnA’s.

A total of 5 badges will be awarded to 5 people who will help us get in contact with these YouTubers.

  • A good “rule of thumb” for the content creator subscriber’s base should be >30k subs.
  • Badge will be awarded upon confirmation that the interview will happen or when the interview has been posted.
  • It’s unlikely we’ll agree to a paid interview or paid promotions, we want to keep these initiatives organic.
  • After the badge has been awarded a $50 reward in crypto will be issued to the referer. (Something like FXDM, but that’s not out yet so we’ll do it this way for now)

Organic interviews will be hard unless the youtuber is invested in Function X or PundiX. Ryan Matta asked for an interview and did a video on Function X and Pundi X is because he has invested some good amounts in FX and PundiX as he admitted in the interview.

Anyway Function X community has decided to do some paid reviews for Function X, since team is not interested in paying for interviews or paid advertisements.

We are already in contact with 2 youtubers to do a paid review or short video on Function X, but it will be paid from community donations / funds. May be team can put some fx into community funds.


Great initiative. FXDM can contribute if the criteria met. The FXDM proposal is now preparing to enter the governance voting. Would be great you can share more information of the work and gain community support to use the fund :slight_smile:


Why don’t you guys setup a different pool for the community to donate and that pool is MAINLY for marketing purposes and nothing else.

Using that fund to spread awareness through Smart Youtubers. Because Youtubers are usually friends with other Youtubers, it can be a snowball effect.

Because in the Youtube scene, certain youtubers look up to some Youtubers and if their so-called idols are looking into FX / Pundi X, they will also start researching about it and it becomes a snowball effect on more and more youtubers and viewers.

@zaccheah @DavidK

You can even set it up on explorer for transparency, see how much ppl donate and total current pool and what the FX is being used on what.


Actually, this sounds pretty cool. I have a few questions though.

  1. Who will manage the pool, will it be someone in the community or us?
  2. How will funds in the pool be used, vote by the community, or the pool shareholders will vote.
  3. Should it only be one asset, like FX, or Pundi X. Or should we include the big ones as well such as ETH, stablecoins and whatnot.

Most of these youtubers take payment in Crypto, but only the majors.

Personally I would like to see this be a community led effort but having a strong observation & guidance assistance from the team + a EGF seed fund to kick things off.

  1. → The fund should be managed by a group leadership team that is voted in. Think FX Neers.

  2. → Neers will propose usage with community feedback and wait for intra community approval before moving forward with a fast approval deadline. I am thinking 48 - 72 hour window on this.

  3. → If funds are taken from the EGF and then Converted from FX to others that has a negative price impact I think many of us would like to avoid. Most influencers will take payment in crypto, but unlikely to accept FX directly, and besides that if they did they would have little incentive to just not immediately sell causing price impact. Eventually if FX reaches a top 50 position this attitude could change. We could also add the FX as a bounty on top of the eth/btc/DAI payment to give each influencer stake in the game as well.

If I was not so busy with my main work right now I would have written a proposal on this topic some time back as well to begin this mass networking push.


To avoid confusion, i think it may be better for FX for FX donations only and if Pundi X, then Pundi X donations only. So we can do payments in the coins itself and the Youtubers/Influencers will be vested in said projects. Of course, the T&C before hiring them would be for them to hold for at least 6 months minimum.

The answers to your questions 1 & 2, maybe someone can try to think of an idea.

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To kickstart things we pay small youtubers with >30k to 40k subscribers to do paid review on Function X in crypto of their choice. Once we have around atleast 4 videos and made some noise we can give payment in a major crypto like btc + FunctionX.

Currently among average crypto youtubers I think only Ryan Matta know about Function X and has invested in it.

We need youtubers noticing Function X, many look up to these youtubers for investment advice. With organic growth it will take years for Function X to grow. We should market Bob Phone too once mainnet phase 3 is released.

I have mailed to around 7 youtubers but most hasn’t replied, may be because Function X is not much known. We have to change that.

Once we do some paid interviews, other medium sized youtubers will notice they may even do videos without payments. Then we can go for youtubers with >100k subscribers

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Donation pools should be:

  • FX Coin (FX-Core)
  • FX Coin (ERC 20)
  • Stablecoin

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Should we convert all pools to a stable asset (ex: DAI) to avoid price impact on the pool:

  • Yes
  • No

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If you’ve answered with Yes to the pool above, should we convert the funds back to FX once a deal is found so that the youtube has some “skin in the game” or should we keep it in stablecoin to increase the acceptance rate of the deal (some YouTubers might not want a payment in our coins)?

  • Convert back to FX - skin in the game
  • Keep it to stablecoin - increase acceptance chance

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Something as part of this proposal to me could be a stablecoin + FX payment model.

In negotiation we could propose 2 avenues.

  • Full payment as due with stablecoin etc as requested
  • Payment 75% in stablecoin, eth, etc. then + 35% in FX tokens as a kicker incentive.

Would definitely love the Youtubers to have some skin in the game. If not, it would really be for nothing.

But before hiring them, probably the core team needs to educate the youtuber about Function X first so they will know roughly what is it about.

Anyone who want to be in CC for transparency please DM on telegram or reply here. @eduardstal do you want to be in cc? Community members can use protonmail mail for anonymity.

Mail conversations from Crypto TV Official.
"Thank you for reaching out! Yes, we are currently taking sponsors. Our pricing is as follows, feel free to ask me any questions you have!

$200 per minute of video integration. Most sponsors choose 3-4 minutes in multiple videos.

We accept payment in USDT, Litecoin,BSC,ERC20, Ethereum & Bitcoin. In order to proceed with video production we must receive payment first to ensure legitimacy and proof of interest."

Latest mail from Cryto TV.
“Okay i can, let me know when you are ready to send payment.”

First video we will pay in youtuber’s choice. If we plan to do more videos we will ask for 70% crypto of his choice + 30% in fx erc20 from next video onwards.

After first video we can decide whether to do more videos with him.

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I suggest youtuber called bankless, they are so good.

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Please donate to me too
I want give away cup coffe with fx and pundix logo to other people

This sounds ok to me as @Telchar also suggested it.

Who do we want to own the addresses? Should it be a team member to increase trust with participating in this community initiative? Should it be a community member to ensure this is fully built and supported by the community with no team involvement at all?

  • Owned by a member of the team
  • Owned by Telchar
  • Owned by Papillon
  • Owned by SCENE
  • Owned by other community member, reply to this poll

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For first video, donations I will manage as it will take days for a team wallet address to be decided.
I voted for team member.
While first video is being prepared we can create a team member managed donation wallet @eduardstal

First video should be done asap. Team members who wants to be in Email loops can reply mail address with domain

For new youtubers collaboration I will add staff in cc when I contact them to look legit.

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Video Details

  1. Price predictions followed basic mentions of project details.

  2. Function X is a proof of stake and crosschain blockchain.

  3. Mainnet Phase 1 launched on July 7th. Stake Function X for 30% apy on FX Wallet. 68% of circulating supply ie 280m/410m fx staked. Supports Ethereum crosschain.

  4. Mainnet Phase 2 launch on October 13th with Pundix Crypto Point of sale chain onboarding as sub chain. BSC crosschain launch on October last week.

  5. Mainnet Phase 3 will launch soon by December or January with DeX, smart contracts etc.

  6. Mention of Function X team

  • CEO - Zac Cheah was part of Opera and W3C

  • President - David Ben Kay was part of Microsoft China and Ethereum Foundation

Do you think these can be covered in a 3 min video. May be we can cut info about Mainnet phase 3


Can we also reach out to this youtuber @ cheeky crypto he has 85k subscribers

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