YouTube Sponsored Marketing - Community Driven

Function X Market community is doing YouTube marketing by doing sponsored videos. I am leading the effort and contacting the youtubers. 4 youtubers replied.

First sponsored YouTube video is already live. 2nd video will be live in few days. For 3rd video we are looking for donations.

Donate to community wallet managed by team. Also requesting team to put some funds into Community Marketing wallet. @zaccheah @eduardstal @indra @Peko @BlueStitch

I have been working on this for more than 2 weeks and contacting dozens of youtubers for marketing. I am a busy developer working in IT field. If you like the work, buy me a coffee - FX core: fx1073jpvfpk0s7l02yxvjw22fq6wtah62g4ep04a


  1. First sponsored video by Crypto Wealthy. Got 1.2K views. Go like and comment.
    SPECIALâś… Function X Project | The Next Solana? | BUY now? - YouTube

  2. Function X Ad on Crypto TV. 50k subs. XRP and ADA audience. 3 min video along with XRP

  3. In Contact. To be voted for funds


you’re work is deeply appreciated, thank you very much @papilloncrypto !!


I’ve donated 50FX to the fxcore adress, I hope to see more soldiers and maybe some generals of the team, donate some aswell, so we can advance with the marketing even further <3!!


Donated as well.

Lets keep this drive going.

It would be great to have a company match on these donations.


Yeah, I think it’ll show that the company appreciates our dedication to growing FX as people are donating their hard earned money. Matching these funds will help us have more reach so hopefully the team can take that into consideration. I personally spent 700fx to sponsor the 2nd video and there’s only so much we can donate.


Very good steps guys toward marketing and looks really promising @zaccheah community is growing bigger and stronger :muscle::muscle:

Thanks for the great job you are doing toward marketing… i surely buy u a coffee…

I have a contribution to make pertaining to the donation wallet .

The fact still remains that most people that want to engage or help to contribute towards the project progress, can’t because they might have only little portfolio.

I think majority of our community are either the middle class or low class investors, yet we are not making it easy for them to want to help the community.

Most of my community members could not do anything when fx-eth bridge came out because of fees… most of there fx still lies on erc20 chain… and you will see more donation from members if they have more flexible and cheap donation chain…

My point is, we should have a tron USDT donation wallet or the bep20 USDT donation link… then you can see more donations, no matter how small…

Why will i want to donate $50 in usdt and pay $40 in gas fees… it doesn’t make any sense and that is why the lower class community members can’t join hands in helping the project grow…


For lower fees fx core can be used.

You can suggest @eduardstal to use Tron or Bep 20 version of USDT in the quoted thread. @uidabban


I can help with my community to donate using trx20 USDT rather than fx stack in erc20 chain… …

Trx20 is little or no fees sending funds, no matter how huge the fund is…

Pls reply with trx20 usdt donation address

I will add mine too…

My community fx is stack on erc20 chain

This community wallet is managed by FX staff. Please reply in this thread @uidabban

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Thanks boss … Coffee sent…

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Great effort :clap:! Contributed to team wallet and sent you a small token of appreciation for your efforts.

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You are absolutely amazing!

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Coffee sent :coffee: via FX wallet. Love the spirit of your initiative :muscle:t3:


Coffee sent :sunglasses:

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Thanks @papilloncrypto .
Sent an Irish coffee… :wink:
Probably better on sundays when you’re in IT.

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I’ve sent some also @papilloncrypto

Thanks for your hard work :muscle:

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Function X Ad on Crypto TV. 50k subs. XRP and ADA audience. 3 min video along with XRP. @zaccheah @eduardstal @indra
4.3K views as of now.
Buy me a coffee if you like the work.


Thanks for the effort guy’s But I Hope you didn’t pay to much for less then 4 mins to say it’s maybe a good investment squeezed between his high shill of a SEC problemed XRP with a high optimism all you paid for was a chance to shill that to Pundians, he’s a good influencer but really if your going to sponsor a show the paying sponsor should get more than 3% of the air time in my view