Zac: feature request for f(x)Wallet

Hi guys and girls,

Drop your f(x) Wallet feature request here!

Dropping request here doesn’t meant that it will be implemented soon, but it gives us a guide on what you the community wants.


Airdrops, Bounties, Promotions

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  1. Add graph capabilities to each token
  2. Add buy and/or swap option based on price targets
  3. Daily login activities and bonuses
  4. Gamenification - add badges based on activities , silver badge you staked 1000 fx, gold swap badge you swapped 10 times etc
  5. Referral
  6. Make token earnings based on holding on wallet without the need to transfer

A web version or a desktop version for FX Wallet like Metamask or myetherwallet. What if someone lost their phone and wanted to access funds on his PC.


Ledger Trezor Login.

  1. Please Add Bsc chain
  2. Eth fees are too much high. There another way to crosschain.
  3. And what is the Fxusd in reward centre?
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  1. Front Page of FX Wallet - Total Value to include Delegated Tokens under “My Assets”

Currently, it is categorized under different blockchains like Ethereum (ERC20), Function X (fxCore).

Maybe you guys can add an extra category called Delegated Tokens at the front page so we have an overview of everything at the front in a seamlessly manner.

CryptoBank will be the page where we delegate and see our rewards and the front page will be the “Overview” page where we see how much our delegated tokens are worth exclude our rewards.

  1. Rewards Section to show dollar value $$ for both delegated tokens and rewards, the same as pre-entry governance stage.

  1. Allow us to shift categories up and down at the front page by click-hold and dragging.


Currently, we can only drag tokens but not category. Since we are mostly using fxCore now and lesser of Ethereum, i would like to drag my fxCore to the top and make Ethereum underneath.

Or make it as Default - FxCore to be at the top since main net is live already.

  1. Next up, Swap Feature.

Let us swap Ethereum directly into FX (fxCore version) so we can seamlessly stake without any hassle of doing multiple swaps.

This will encourage more beginners to stake easily.

This is actually what PancakeBunny did for PancakeSwap by introducing a swap that converts 1 token (Example: BNB) into 1 pairing without you needing to balance between 2 tokens for a pair which is quite troublesome. This actually boosted their AUM staked cause it was sooooo easy for new and old investors.

As we see more adoption take place, more companies will try to innovate and make it easier for the masses and the ones who make it very hassle-free usually wins.

Small details like these actually do help AUM or in our case, higher staked ratio.

  1. Make tierings for friendly competition and it drives us to keep aimming for the next rank.

10k FX - Bronze
50k FX - Silver
100k FX - Gold
500k FX - Platinum

It is just giving ranks to holders, more of a pride / competitiveness mindset thing so i think this is a good thing. Or you can choose a cooler name for ranks :stuck_out_tongue:

3 benefits of Ranked System:

  • Make holders maintain their holdings & rank
  • Make holders want to achieve next rank by buying more
  • Competitive holders will aim to be #1 which makes FX more scarce ( rare )

It makes the investors feel really good, this is EXACTLY what all top crypto companies do.

Just take a look at, Celsius, BlockFi - All of them have tierings and it makes it so much more fun and exciting apart from it being an investment.

Like i can’t wait to achieve the next rank! I really really wish this would come.

We all have seen how gamification made PancakeSwap into one of the best, if not the best.

Rankings also make investors to want to achieve the next rank by continuing collecting and holding while maintaining your pride aka your rank. It’s like a game but a game of money and pride.

  1. Dark Mode / Other Modes too like i notice FX love to use the multiple rainbow color

  1. If the staking is coded to be auto-compounded, put the word “Auto-compounding” beside the APY

This will attract more investors / stakers since staking right now is extremely popular, we should make use of this chance to get our staked ratio as high as possible before the bull market returns.

All the things i suggested are for convenience sake which is basically making the User Interface (UI) easier for both the new comers and existing users and this is also what other apps are doing.

Other than that, i think everything is perfect.

Can’t wait to stake my PundiX :wink:


Fx core category can be put at top permanently as mainnet is launched.
A web or desktop wallet is most important.


Referral program for 3 months will be good for marketing, if it is possible for a decentralized wallet. If not it can be implemented in Xwallet. A referral code associated with fxcore address.

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A dark mode, same style as the forum woukd be perfect


Quick access icons on the home button for the different blockchain explorers, Please

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Removing or seeing this less times.

I don’t want to turn push notifications on but every time the FXwallet is started i keep seeing this. It’s just a small thing😅


Making the fx(wallet) users friendly will go a long way to help total newbies and investors…

We are actually getting there…

We can actually go through pancakeswap, and get some futures with a very good upgrade to the futures…

Pancakeswap is one of the most used defi platform, the more they develop, the more they give reasons to investors to try it out… it will be good to check some futures out.

Kudus team… you guyz are really doing a great job


Smash the like button if you like whichever feature proposed.


Must be an ios thing, not having that with android myself


I hope it’s possible if it could be shown once in a few days or something but not every time when the app is opened. Bit annoying

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This is excellent, great suggestions :fist_right:.

I’ve always screamed out loud HCI (human computer interaction) to the team and the importances of it. You’ve made this very clear with your examples given.

Below is a in-depth outline article what it all means; but there are many articles available if anyone is interested.

NB; people are lazy now and don’t want to click or learn much these days (time have changed) everything has to be spoon feed, for example supporting crutual (most frequently used or desired datas at hand), but proportionate amount of data on the landing page/s for example.

-Reducing clicks/tabs to finality of a particular process.
-Good header Labelling of sections, not congested infos and not mixed up important features buddled together, where one feature over shadows the other.
-navigations are the most important aspects imo. I had forwarded a lot of these suggestions in the testnet bug report.

I hope more future storyboarding of UX and UI are hci complaint as much as possible, eg Dapp section. @zaccheah @indrawinarta.

Other examples can be simple things such as reordering npxs swap to the bottom and what everyone suggested above are all great suggestions.

-I will “reiterate” one thing though, please include Bob emulator on the FXWallet when ready…

-Also this will make each FXWallet as a working node…

-include tps speed on fxwallet
-number of delegators in total (include maybe a stat section…
-Number of nodes in fxcore
-XPOS nodes
-Speed of XPOS node

There are more things on my earlier testnet report… I forget things easily to recall them now.

On another note to this forum, I voiced my opinion to have XWallet less confusing and maybe Zac/Indra we can come back to the XWallet features and incorporate suggestions in this forum to have a greater reach and revaluations… Not sure if we need a f/XWallet category in this forum…

I like this forum and the Pundians involved esp with everyone’s enthusiasms and ideas, keeping them coming :fire: you Pundians are on fire.


-Crypto gifting
-News section, fx and pundix tweet infos, medium reports
-ico/ido page…
-NFT section one day🤞
-XPOS location Dapp
-More on ramp fiat companies such as simplex etc
-competitions, give aways.
-transaction Time elapsed stamped on notification for bragging on twitter
-face Id sign in (maybe not…)
-pie charts in holdings, or statistic of fxcore and eventually others.
-dedicated cross chain page on menu.
-more language support
-currency conversion
-buy fx directly
-invite friend link
-Decentralized Web surfing
-hide asset icon
-lottery Dapp
-Hash out (under fx news, blogs)
-Team info
-automatically leave 1 or 2 fx when one hits max for delegation, so at least they can withdraw reward.


Oh yea, we should also have a page dedicated to what FX network can do.

You guys can name it:

Function X Blockchain Features

  • Transactions Per Second
  • Average Block Time
  • How many XPOS are connected to FxCore - numbers are auto-updated
    ( Users can track how many merchants are using XPOS as more XPOS are being deployed )
  • Total Nodes
  • Current Staked Ratio in Percentages

So a proper example would be:

What can Function X Blockchain do?

Function X Blockchain Features

  • 200,000 Transactions Per Second
  • 5 Second Average Block Time
  • 5200 XPOS connected with FxCore
  • 10,000 Nodes
  • 51% Of Total Supply Staked

Sweet alabama!

Pretty sure there are wayy more features but this is an example, the team can add in the rest.

With this information, investors outside of Function X / Pundi X can start comparing with other blockchain and see that we are one of the best since as more XPOS are being deployed, the better our ecosystem will become. And the potential is literally all the shops in the world.


I’ve never seen that notice on my iOS. :thinking:

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Weird that it showing by me😂