Zac: Proposal for a Pundi X Reward token

purse is definitely really cool since thats what the meaning of pundi is right?

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There is no reward for Fx holders?

FX holders get rewards from the FX core tokenomics already with delegating. The focus for this is to add additional value to pundiX holders

Here is some context to my suggestion of the name $PURSE.

  1. PUNDIX evolved from the Indonesian words pundi pundi meaning purse or wallet. My suggestion of using $PURSE connects PUNDIX through that piece of history.

  2. $PURSE can also be an acronym for PUndix RewardS

  3. Another name suggestion I have $PURSX ; I suggest to keep the same pronunciation as purse when referencing this name if it is chosen.


On second thought, pronouncing $PURSX as purse X actually works better IMHO.

Please vote for token name:

  • PR

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I think another coin is not a good idea in the current situation. How about putting all your effort to $PUNDIX and $FX?


A good place for the rewards token is to allow the qualified holders the ability to purchase at a discounted price the XPOS, BOB, etc. This would allow PUNDIx to grow and allow more coins to be burned in the future driving up its value. Also I can’t relate to the name Purse. PUNDIx/R would be better. If someone wanted to do a search engine it would be easier and drive traffic to PUNDIx

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I like this idea. Discount using purse for example.

I also think anything that resembles close to PundiX is not a good idea
“moving forward”. Also imagine the confusion it will cause with the similarity with that name (pundix/r), something different like $Purse is okay imo.


Nice use case idea. :+1:

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This is a focus on PundiX. Rewarding holders and increasing network transactions on FX core.

PundiX valuation will increase and benefit the holders…

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Hands down one of the best ideas revolving around NFT. Storage is beautiful integration.

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and two other items for the reward token could be the xpos / xpass or bob phones.

since bob phones were planned to be build as showcase there can be a small batch manufacturing like 1337 pieces (the nerds will understand why 1337) and they are ONLY available through the fx / punding staking program and the pundix reward tokens as an ultimate goal for the staking. (then we need to have the possibility the swap stake reward fx to reward tokens, no normal fx, only the stake reward calculated ones)

and if bob phones are in that reward store then there could be specially designed and 3d printed modular packs (or blueprints). this could be a mega collectible :smiley:


damn now i hyped myself with this… i need those bob and modular packs…

if its not possible can i have the blueprints to 3d print them myself? :smiley:




As promised and as requested,

Here’s the Request-for-Comment for the new Pundi X Reward Token. This forum is the place to discuss and debate it.


Added the RFC to the Pundi X News category: Request for Comment: Pundi X Reward Token (Project name ‘PR’)


Maybe it’s to late, but i have an idea… $xR

“X” stand for pundi x and function x
“R” stand for Rewards

And the “x” will connect for synthetic asset inside $fx like $xETH, $xBTC, $xLINK, etc



Please give pundix as a reward instead of another token with new name

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I have several thousand dollars invested in PUNDIX, and about 1000 in FX but I can’t seem to stake my coin it says I don’t have enough coins? HOW MUch do you need to stake because I Am not EARNING ANYTHING and I have been with you since your launch. Is it because I’m in USA or what? I feel shit on because I am constantly supporting the project and spreading the word yet I never get any of the benefits of staking. Really stinks.