Zac: Pundi X Chain launch countdown

Hi guys and girls,

In ~30 hrs Pundi X Chain will go live. It is a multi stage launch as mentioned in Pundi X 4th anniversary and Pundi X Chain launch. We will go live with 20 - 25 company-hosted validators securing the network, a small amount of $PUNDIX tokens belonging to the company will migrate cross-chain from Ethereum into Pundi X Chain. Users will see this live and recorded on

For the next few days, we DISCOURAGE users to do any cross chain into Pundi X Chain. The observation period to prevent users from making a wrong transaction and losing tokens. If all goes well we will SIGNAL TO CROSS this weekend or early next.

So for now, just sit tight and get popcorns and see the the rocket go live tomorrow!


Just to clarify, we should keep erc-20 token PundiX for now?

yes leave them in your wallet, when you are able to like FX they can be on or off chain, erc20 or PUNDI X Chain PUNDIX through the cross chain

@Aleksandr Yes keep it for now this week.


Great message! Thank you!

Update: in the next 20 hours or so we will spin up the company-hosted validators.


How do I buy pundi x chain

you Buy PUNDIX from exchanges, then move it on chain if you wish when the chain is up soon