Zac: PURSE is Pundi X's Loyalty and Reward Token

Hi guys and girls,

We are at the cusp of Pundi X Chain launch, and PURSE token is part of the puzzle (project name:PR token). PURSE token is a loyalty and reward token designed and named by the community. It act as a loyalty and reward token to claim various physical and virtual items. Candidates include NFT, XPOS gift, lucky draw, discount vouchers etc. It also functions as transaction mining reward to expand XPOS usage. The team have no plans to give monetary value to this token.

Here’s a TLDR recap of the initial token allocation and tokenomics. For the ultimate token design explanation read @Danny 's PUNDI X Chain — Evolving from dApp to Blockchain for an extended explaination how PURSE is designed.

Initial token allocation

  • The initial supply will be distributed to $PUNDIX holders and through a 1:1 conversion for $NPXSXEM holders.
  • If you already hold PUNDIX in private wallet you can claim PURSE.
  • After Pundi X Chain launch this week, you can delegate your PUNDIX to secure the chain and earn PURSE.


  • PURSE is used a reward token to claim various physical and virtual items. They include NFT, XPOS etc.
  • PURSE is has a annual generation of 2000 - 4000% and are rewarded to PUNDIX token holders that help secure the network (apart from the initial token allocation).
  • The initial supply is 64 billion PURSE tokens. There is no maximum supply.



Question I’m not seeing the answer to, for PUNDIX holders due the PURSE hand out, It’s said we will enter our wallet address and receive the Purse tokens; will they be a erc20 format and then we cross chain those or will they be dropped to a chosen FX core wallet already on chain?

@LKYBOB to answer your question.

There will be a frontend (website / app) deployed to easily claim PURSE. Please remember that once you are done the claimed PURSE token will appear on your Binance Smart Chain wallet address, which is the same as your ERC-20 address holding your initial PUNDIX tokens.

PUNDIX holders who have been holding the tokens from June 21, 2021 to Oct 13, 2021 will get 8.93061 $PURSE for each $PUNDIX. Holders will need to go to the dedicated website (coming up soon), enter your token addresses, pay the gas fees and claim the tokens yourself, which will be reflected in your Binance Smart Chain wallet address.

If there’s no claim by PUNDIX holders, there will be no tokens.

What if the PUNDIX was held on the FX Wallet i’m guessing because once we have the BSC cross chain added in FX wallet the PURSE will drop on a BSC wallet in fx wallet app?

You are absolutely safe if PUNDIX tokens are held in f(X) Wallet, it’s IMPORTANT that you perform the claim function so that your PURSE tokens get dropped into your BSC Wallet address. Naturally the BSC wallet address will also be in f(X) Wallet, so that’s easy for you :slight_smile:

Remember - no claim, no purse tokens.

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So the f(X) Wallet will introduce BSC Wallet Addresses first before the claim goes live?

So we can “Add Asset” for PURSE in the f(X) Wallet before putting the BSC address from f(X) Wallet and claiming it through the claim website.

@SCENE it should be in tandem, working hard.


Will we able to exchange(buy) BoB for PURSE?

why there is no maximum offer ?

only 3 ways to get PURSE, one is swapping xpxsxem you may have to PURSE or Held your PUNDIX tokens on a private wallet to receive PURSE Rewards for holding since staking ended, 3 on the new Pundi x Chain you can delegate PUNDIX to earn PURSE

why there is no limit in the issue of the token

how to get it and so clear

It’s only a reward token, it’s not for trading or speculation

economic benefit in what ?

products, NFT’s, MERCH things in the eco system they can be traded for, do some searching in here there will be documents on the purse token

get 0+0=0 ?

More like - :
0 + 0 = Xpos Device
0 + 0 = NFT’s
0 + 0 = Free merchandise

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it’s great