Zac: Suggestions needed for XPOS chain


Q1 - f(x)Pay sounds good to me
Q2 - first or second option, would be great to receive some kind of reward tokens though :slight_smile:


Fx pay would be confusing because it’s not actually fx but more XPOS right. Maybe XPOS chain or XPOS blockchain keeping it easy to understand which chain we talking about. Also these conversations may only take place here which chain is what, new users won’t dwell onto it as much.

Also trademark issues Eduard mentioned already to be existing. XPOS blockchain works well imo.

Yes sure why not include airdrops as incentives. Partnerships can always draw more people from that project and awareness across to new users - every little helps.

I understand the coding aspects can’t be too tough, and this ain’t a priority atm. But good to see your roadmap plotting. Please throw more stuff like this in the forum. We are all here to contribute and thus far this has been a pleasant experience with PundiX and the core teams interactions.

We needed this forum years ago, I would have been on fire back then with much more time at hand. However @BlueStitch has a list of suggestion I’ve made over the years and Peko may too…


Hi everyone :wave:

I still like the idea of “separate” projects. so i like XPay or Xpayments or something like that without mention the “F”.

Mint Pundix im not shure if is a good idea. at least until we dont have enough use to make bigger burns. I like the actual system.

Not the right place i think , but i have a suggestion(refurinf to the roadmap). I support the creation of the bep20 a long time, already suggested.

things change, i thing it would be better to create PundiX bep 20 and make the swap from npxsxem to pundix bep20. nobody use Bep2 anymore. will give alot of options of farms and pools in many dexs.
and would be already prepare for BSC cross-chain.

One token is good. just pundix :muscle:

Sorry everyone my lack of time.

Hello team!
On the first question, I want to suggest the name f(x)Peer.
On the second question, I think it will be enough for holders to have $fx.

In my humble opinion, f(x)Pay is the best option. It is not redundant like XPOS and clearly identify the FX brand. As someone else said, it is a good option to precede the different FX services by “f(x)”.

Maybe, my only proposal at this respect could be the elimination of the parentheses “()” and use FXPay or fxPay.

Regarding the second question, I think that it is not a good idea the option 3. We just come from a supply reduction with NPXS swap and increase the supply again is not logical.

On the other hand, if team wants to reward the PUNDIX support of holders, maybe the best option should be to continue with the inertia of Defi Farming and give FX as rewards for PUNDIX holding. Maybe, an option is to take advantage of the 40% of Ecosystem Rate accumulation to use a small % of it to reward PUNDIX holders.

Question 1. Fx pay, Blocky or chainpay

Question 2. Pundix token can be stake incentivice them from fees from xpos (buyback pundix then give them as a reward for staking instead of burning them). This will give pundix token holders a solid reason to hold or buy more plus this will attract new investors. pundix as a token will have another use case. The more people uses the xpos the more reward we get that alone will attract investors. Here’s another suggestion if we use xpos fees as reward we can have a validator and a deligator to evenly distribute the fees depending on how much token they stake.( nothing to do on governance on the fx network). So even small token holders can get involved and participate.

Question 3. Big No

Thanks for your time

What about (F)Pos ? Or (Fx)Pos ?

Has global appeal.

I did mention the concept to Dave of using the NPXSxem as the reward token, the only concern to me is fudders and those who cannot except we are more then one token this will refuel those that want to dispute we are already to many tokens, many cannot except or don’t have the brain width to except us having and needing more tokens there are those that deliberately confuse the tokens in our eco system to create bad press for us, Let’s get main net up and PUNDIX market happy first hey!!!

====About question 1:naming ====
f(X)pay or variant (fxpay, xpay ) seems to be the standout winner. Yes @eduardstal on trademark check.

@Superbit123 “XPOS Chain” had me initially, easy to relate for new hodlers. Strictly though it is is not just meant for XPOS. It is also for XWallet, XPASS and future payments. Hence I changed my mind to fxpay.

====About question 2: minting====
@SCENE on NFTs. One such use case is to encourage NFT teams that use Function X to create their new chains to airdrop some NFTs to our holders. It’s like your day 1 drop. NFT is one reward mechanism reward but not the only one for the reward token.

Interesting idea @ClaudioxBarros on BEP20. We migrated NPXSXEM to BEP2 (not BEP20) but BEP2 didn’t really take off as Binance itself moved to BEP20. One way is to convert NPXSXEM to BEP20 from BEP2 and make it a reward token for $PUNDIX holders. @LKYBOB had similar suggestion in this forum thread. I suggest you post your idea there too @ClaudioxBarros

Finally, let me repeat we are NOT considering option 3.

Majority of our non-engineers are focused on businesses and deployments @fishfish. Most leads can’t be discuss openly due to NDAs unlike tokenomics which can be openly debated.

Yes on the creation of XPOS service node @Kaiser.

@Ejorog 's suggestion on whether PUNDIX will get FX is answered this thread. @Cryptogon13 you’re right that the FX allocation for PUNDIX holder might come from the FX’s ecosystem and developer pool, also mentioned in the other thread.


Hopefully we will have our very own NFT from the core team which is you guys, for memories sake and a timestamp on the NFT to showcase when we started believing in the project. //

Would be so cool to have like a mini-trophy NFT that tells us when we got it and imagine 10 years later down the road, we can showcase that “time-stamped trophy” as loyal supporters.

Yea just like Celsius, they use Celpay.

I can’t wait for future updates on the FX Wallet to let us send payments or money to our friends via USERNAME. That would be dope.

Q1: Big fan of the F(x)Pay to keep the naming convention. simply pay will result in confusion by people searching for it.

Q2: Option 1 is my favorite, minting more kind of clashes with the tokenomics aspect. and option 2 seems like a non-core

wow. i really do like this forum lol. going to be on it alot more often. much more meaningful exchanges here.

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Hello Zac and everyone,

FxPay sounds good to me.

I’d like to share with you some other consideration related to XPOS but a little offtopic.

I was thinking about XPOS and thought it could be named NOS as Node of Sale device.

This could make easier to understand that a device (historically known as Point of Sale) can work with two different technologies, NOS implies blockchain usage.
These were the thought I wanted to share with you Zac and the community. I hope you can find it helpful.
It is intended to help in making conversation more discursive, nothing more. Please give me some feedback.

:mechanical_arm: :it:


Come to think of it.

I think the name fxpay is better for fx’s payment system - since fxpay sounds nothing relatable to a “chain” name.

Reserve that f(x)Pay for something like mainstream payments / paying bills, sending monies to another entity.

I think Pundi Chain or Pundi X Chain is more straight forward or at least another name.

In future, when Pundix become more mainstream, maybe you guys can even introduce a currency called PundiPay

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Exactly this is what I meant above. This is XPOS eco but powered by fxcore, however to avoid any confusions and consistent logical clarity, short or long, having a simple name like;

  • XPOS Chain
  • XPOS Link - I like
  • XPOS Blockchain
  • Pundi X Chain - can work, because Pundi is XPOS and xpos is Pundi.

Something XPOS because essentially it is being used via the XPOS peripheral devices, regardless of the instrument used on it, eg, xpass, third party wallet, smartphone, XWallet, FXWallet, etc.

We will also have Pundix Chain in q4 approx, with the $PR reward token for old npxsxem/bsc, (maybe that too needs a different name to somthing else when the time arrives, such as after the name of the token… I am aware this is a temporary name given now).

Fx pay SHOULD associate with anything that has to do with fx or FXWallet or fx DEX or something else fx in the future, but NOT anything to do with XPOS name or XPOS units.

I must stress and reiterate this again @zaccheah

Regards SB123


FxP (ay)
FxP (urse)
FxP (rime)
FxP (erks)
FxP (lus)

Just a couple but I’m sure there are more.

Qn 1. Stay with XPOS Chain.

Rationale : It is simple to understand. XPOS terminals runs on the XPOS Chain. While there are other features/products that the chain supports, the physical interaction that a user will have when using these features/products is the XPOS terminal. So that association, between XPOS and the name XPOS Chain is much stronger than any other name associated with any naming convention with f(x) incorporated. The relationship between f(x) and XPOS can be compared to that of TCP-IP to Desktop Computer, it is not imperative to know about TCP-IP to use the internet with you desktop computer. So there is no need to think too deeply to relate any XPOS related naming convention with those of f(x).

Having said that, whatever name is adopted, neither f(x) or XPOS is what we want the general public to be familiar with for payments. PUNDIX should be that name. So when someone is at a store to pay for something or to transact on cryptos, the question to ask the store attendant should be “Do you accept PUNDIX?”. It is common to ask “Do you accept VISA?”, nobody asks “Do you accept VISA POS ?” although payment is done using the POS terminal. Moreover, the direction for XPOS is to not only have XPOS terminal adoption but to have other POS terminals adopt XPOS software. So XPOS branding should just stay within the POS ecosystem and be used in that ecosystem.

Qn 2 : Option 2, mint a reward token. $PURSE



the Q1, is just about an identity for the chain xpos runs on that is connected to and runs off FX core chain, for system runners and merchant nodes to identify it’s link to FX core, it has nothing to do with the average xpos user being able to know the down low of the system, I feel the reason for the name here is getting a little lost,
XTrain = FX / PundiX transaction chain - Neutral

Just read the first para for my rationale on my reply to Qn1 if reading the second para does not help make my rationale clearer.