Zac: ultimate short guide to claiming

All the answers are available one thing pundi is not is uninformative, It’s not a back door it’s the end date of the contract always supplied in the instructions, Main net will begin regardless; the wait is to achieve the % for the best security of the net work, if the supporters don’t step up to the plate they will start Main net with more caution, the delay it not for your inconvenience it for the security of the network as a decentralized network


Have some faith


@zaccheah @DavidK @Danny

Do you have any news for today?

From my last message, we have lost more than 1 million of FX from Stake and the trend seems to continue reducing the amount staked.

We can continue waiting until June 30th but in my humble opinion, it is something useless.

Please, consider some of the proposals that I did or go to another solution for the launch of the Mainnet better than a simple wait.

On the other hand, during the wait, I would really appreciate if you could give us more details concerning the next steps. Assuming that we reach the goal of 20%, how this is transformed in a 20% stake in FX Core if the FX amount is cumulated in an ETH Smart Contract and all users (sooner or later) should redeem by themselves? At some point, the staked amount should be reduced in ETH Smart Contract to be increased in FX Core Stake and that it is not an automatic even, that is something that users should do by themselves because we are working with private wallets.

In other words… how could you guarantee that a 20% in the ETH Smart Control will imply a 20% in FX Core Stake? Maybe, when users redeem after reaching 20% of Stake or after June 30th (with no goal reached), they will decide to do not stake in FX Core for whatever reason.

In conclusion, from my perspective which is reduced because I have no all information (for this reason I kindly ask you to share the next steps), I cannot see any link between reaching the goal in the Defi Farming and guarantee the same 20% in the FX Core if users are requested at the end to redeem.

Then could you give us more visibility about the process? And please, go further and let aside the useless wait until end of month.

Thank you for your support.


Thankyou for that question! I have wanted to ask the same thing but didn’t know hoe to articulate it.


Thank you for addressing this in such a respectful way. I sincerely hope that the community gets a satisfying reply on this topic before the end of the month. Getting some clairity on this subject can hopefully calm things a bit down so we can start to focus on the longer road ahead.


Hi team, latest updates

After discussing with the team, especially @DavidK we agreed to set 27th June 23:59 Sunday as the final date. If upon that date not enough whales (person with >100,000 fx and more) come forward, the foundation will fill up the remaining to reach >75M $fx tokens in fx pool, and launch Mainnet seven days after. Reason foundation decided on this because we don’t want to see >90% target go to waste.

Before 23:59 Sunday, whales can still transfer in as some did over the past few days. If you have > 100,000 fx you can do a transfer to the contract (0x8fb0FCbE3B8F3183E192B1071EE4AB3ab9588332) and we will transfer back 110% (principal + 10%) once Mainnet goes live. The dateline to do this is Sunday.

Hence Sunday is the hard cut off date and once we fill it up, Mainnet will go live in seven days! Team will make an official post about this in the next few hours, and you’ve heard it here first :wink:


Perfect, Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:

That would main going live on the 5th of July correct?


Pushed the message on Reddit and Twitter. Maybe you could put on Twitter too bc that will reach a lot more ppl.


already spreading that news there :+1:


We’re going to publish on Medium first. More formal. Then you can Tweet that article. Just giving Forum members a sneak peek. :wink:


Great news, best decision, considering the situation and the fact we did come so close. Thanks Team!!!


thanks zac :muscle: :muscle:


that’s good news Zac, we need the mainnet so you can continue with all the greatness of Pundix, F(x) etc. This is the way!


That’s even better🙂


This is why i love the forum so much :grinning:
Great info, great discussions, great ideas.


If anyone can make a short video:

  • starting with the launch of the mainnet.
  • and a little explanation why this is important (facts)
  • and close with Fx / Pundix → pundi

So we can all post this on different platforms… twitter / FB / reddit / Telegram / …

But it has to look slick and easy to understand for everyone.


Will do :+1:, looking forward to the details

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Pretty nice incentive to get whales to become active in the community, which I hope will carry over to FX Core mainnet participation. Thank you Zac, David, and the whole team

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Hi , if we have >100.000 fx in stake now, will you give + %10 ?

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Thanks alot for the update.

I think however, given the transpired events with mainnet launch staking, we should be rethinking our strategy of ‘decentralization’. I think some good questions we should be reflecting on should be:

  1. In our current state, are we actually decentralized? (an argument can be made that if one or two whales can disrupt the launch like this; we are not decentralized)
    b) if (as above) we are not decentralized, i would feel much more comfortable with the team being FULLY in charge as long as there is good governance and accountability and the token supply is held INDEFINITE.

  2. perhaps we can move to full decentralization down the road when the concentrations of the tokens are not so heavily concentrated on a couple of wallets.

It is my personal philosophy that a true ‘decentralization’ can never occur. even bitcoin can never be fully decentralized in terms of governance. As with any currency or asset, there will be larger stakeholders and smaller stakeholders. we cannot treat them both with the same amount of trust and responsibility.

In the current state we are in, I believe that the team should be able to decide all decisions. this staking event has shown us that: those with large ‘financial stake’ may not always be working in the favour of the ecosystem as a whole.

And lets not kid ourselves. we believe in the project. yes. we invest. yes. BUT we are here for a profit. the only people who REALLY have a ‘stake’ is the team members. they put their time, life, REPUTATION on the line for this project. I believe the control should be in THEIR hands and not of someone else. especially in this scenario the whales are totally anonymous.

investors should be happy with increasing asset values. that is what we get in return for this exchange and the risk we take on with investing. control should remain in the hands of those who are IN the game.