Zac: updates and suggestion needed

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Hi guys and girls,

It’s been 40 days since our redenomination, while we cannot immediately take $npxs off the face of the earth because a small number of people still have not converted, we are very thankful that majority have converted and the trading volume of $pundix is about 99.5% - with the remaining 0.5% belonging to $npxs. Last week we also had Huobi completing the redenomination hence the big exchanges have mostly (if not all) converted.

Refocusing back to XPOS, there’s a lot of things under the hood that’s been done and improved. We are working on fulfilling compliance demand of Brasil and Singapore, also solving some importation issues in Turkey. We have a good commitment from a few more countries too and I am very impressed by these new master distributors. They will put more #XPOS and adoption in their respective countries.

As XPOS starts moving into Function X blockchain we will see many advantages, such as reduced fees, faster speed and more. And you can say that we now control things end to end, from hardware to software. Reminds me of a fruit company that controls both hardware and software. Also, since we are close to Function X blockchain launch date, if there’s anything that you like to see us prepare prior to the launch, let us know. There might be things we miss towards the runup to the blockchain launch.

If you guys know some cloning technology let me know, I’d like to clone good people in the team. And if you are considering joining us, please look at “join us” in our website.

Lastly and very importantly, DYOR and be all thankful we are safe in this challenging time.

~ @zaccheah

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