Zac: Welcome everyone!

Here to join the fun!

Thanks again Eduard for getting this up, we are all very excited!.

Now in order to open this up to the public, we have a few questions.

  1. How do you think we are categorizing the forum, do we need to add/amend/change anything.
  2. How should we manage DAO votings, clearly if we can do the “quick and easy” way to get started that be great, before we move into full DAO onchain voting when the blockchain launches
  3. Design-wise, we have a white theme and a dark theme. The white theme is more in synced with our overall design of other products, but it seems we like the dark theme more?
  4. Should be seperate Function X and Pundi X forums into two, or it’s easier for now to make it one (with their own category)
  5. Anything else? Oh yea, when should we open this forum to the public?
  • Zac

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Hello Zac and hello everyone,

  1. In my opinion the forum is categorized well. I think no change is needed.
  2. If I understood it right (I hope) with a poll maybe.
  3. I prefer the dark theme BUT I think you should use that theme what is better to show all things.
  4. It depends on what you want to reach. IMO it gets “cleaner” to separate it.
  5. As soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Thank you that I’m a part of your work here.

  1. Polls are possible already with only one vote / account and we have the possibility to rule out double votes from identical IP’s
  • Yes
  • :smiley:

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I don’t know but I think I misunderstood number 2. :thinking::sweat_smile:

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: great :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

1 fine by me
2. Vote like eduard showed is fine
3 I like darkmode
4. I like one form for both.
5. Just before mainnet

Theme - Let’s go with the dark mode then.
Launch day - end of this month, or before mainnet, whichever happens first.


Dark theme more desired imo, because most users who will use this platform will already be a heavy pundix investor, hence requiring a gentle screen to eye bleeding with dark. Maybe open them both up as an option. But as default maybe leave it synced with the other pundix white theme. Looks awesome in white.

Just saw this email notification as a reminder which really helped for me to be active. I haven’t browsed through this forum yet. But it seems very solid and robust already.

I was wondering if this forum can be accessed via any of the F/XWallet’s. That might be pretty cool…

Testing pic upload;

Nice feature with the option to scale image uploaded.

Also please can you check your telegram dm, Thanks. I will make some time to look into this forum.

Wow this is so much better than reddit for sure, the navigations are intuitive and easy to operate.

I also think leaving both projects on the same thread is much more better, as both will be merging in their respective areas. I pondered this question over at reddit too. Fx sub reddit is kinda quiet and we know it’s because it is still early in developments, but this is besides the point in my contentions, which I always thought the fx and pundix subreddit will do much better as one subreddit, but I guess we’ll see when fx hopefully launches.

I think making the dao voting system easy as possible and more accessible to new investors initially…having simplicity always reduces admin fees (Q&A, how to this and that etc etc).

I have suggested in our support group already but as a reminder, if we can have a way for delegators to interact via a chat to their validator, this could be a section here… Such as have a list of Validator… Just an idea.

I will reply with more once I can go back and see the rest of the sections.

We need to somehow increase the fx staking by the way. Maybe an exchange if possible.

Big news will of course help as the price talk is driving me crazy :crazy_face:.

The edit function works really good. Adding more now. Having this on either f/XWallet the notification and already logged in the apps can work great too. Just another suggestion.

Also having both merged (fx and pundix) increase chat activities. A section with fx and and Expandable drop down menu or whatever can keep it clean. Accessibility is important imo, going back and forth is tiresome on top of telegram groups, twitter, reddit etc etc

My bad first time going through the forum. I’ve noticed I can actually download it. Wow. Loving it so far.


This idea sounds really cool, as a “Validators” category has already been created, we could create topics for each validator, where they can interact with their delegators (or a sub-category in the validators category with the same purpose)

Yup, we can look into creating a separate app for the forum or integrating it within FX wallet / XWallet.

Now that we have officially beta-launched, just want to give a shout out to those of you who are early and active here. It’s true that every successful project has a core supporters and you are ours. You are here to make sure we do better.

Now, why another forum? Twitter allows 140 words so we know too well the limit. Reddit is great and we continue to be active there. This forum will be the closest to discussing features, implementation and our IPs (implementation proposals). We will use it as our DAO/voting platform to vote for many things from major feature updates to changing typos.

Welcome again!


Thanks for everything Zac!

I hope this forum will be a great place of engagement and contribution for both the devs and DAO members alike.

I think a great start to this would be an AMA taken from questions here on this forum in the next video publication. This forum offers a excellent way to filter noise from twitter and telegram channels.

Looking forward to the next phases of FX and being part of something so early!


Thanks for reaching out!

Thanks for introducing this forum. We need the change from NPXS to Pundix to be closed maximum in June of this year. The confusion that exists in the market with the new comparators is impressive and especially when it was said that the objective of Pundix was to take it to 15 dollars and now it is at 2, which is not very attractive for people. You have to do better publicity and try to publish a positive news soon, some strategic alliance or supplier, because from the swap the panic exceeded the expectations that the world had regarding the change. Regards from Colombia

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Hi, I am an investor from Turkey. I believe your project is great and that’s why I bought Pundi x coin and stake them at f(x) wallet.
My questin is , As a CEO, why did the price dropped nowadays ? what do you think about it ?
Thanks for reply.

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Thank you sir !
u always believe your project !

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Forum is ok

Voting (poll)

Design is good I use everywhere the darmode I like it

Let it one category

The last question I think open a poll with different dates


I am a small investor from Turkey who supports your project. I sincerely believe that the future is ours. Thank you Zac!

Bro 2 ay önce npxs aldım 0.078 den pundix e dönüşecek dendi şu an 2.5 $ yaklaşık %200 zarardayım, neden açıklama yapmıyorsun?

This is a great idea. Would love to see such a selection in this forum.

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