16th Sep All-hands Meeting

Hi guys and girls,

The second all-hands will take place in three days and I’d like to propose that apart from an update from @DavidK, myself and the team. We like to invite some ideas from Ecosystem Genesis Fund to share about their proposal.

Who do you think are good 3 - 4 candidates to share their proposal for the EGF?


I would like to here more of the web wallet proposal


I would also like to hear more about the web browser based FXwallet but the proposals of @worgforee and @Richyshadowlux also sound interesting to me.

A nice talk about their way of marketing/promoting at their field of expertise and how to reach the masses to get people know about FX/PundiX with their creative idea’s. Quality marketing


@kenorb @worgforee @Richyshadowlux


Any other candidates?

I would love too :heart_eyes:,

I did experience technical issues last time, so I can’t guarantee it works perfectly on my side though



We support him in his words:

“So true without volume no one can do anything.
Binance listing would be so damn Important”

  • the whole community is concerned that there is no volume, no fame, no one knows, bad marketing, there is a lot of negativity on the Internet. This needs to be changed.

See you on the event. Might wanna sound @Peko few hours in advance so she knows u will be there, and to unmute you to speak.

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Thanks, Zac. @kenorb @worgforee @Richyshadowlux please let me know your twitter handles at your earliest convenience so that you can be set as one of the speakers in Twitter Spaces.

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Hi @Peko ,
My twitter handle is the same as my forum handle

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@kenorb @worgforee @Richyshadowlux @zaccheah @DavidK A friendly reminder of today’s all hands meeting. Make sure you use mobile app to join the Twitter Space so that your speaker will work when you are talking. Look forward to seeing you later!

@all All hands is starting in 10 mins, drop your questions here if you don’t want to speak on microphone and prefer writing instead.

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when will we know what the quantity requirement for being a Pundi X Chain Validator

We will have final outline next month, below is a reference and not final (pending).

2 or more CPU cores
500gb or more storage
4gb or more memory
10mbps or more network bandwidth

Quanitity ? PUNDIX :shushing_face: :upside_down_face: :grin:

As for the EGF proposal, I really like the NAMM project and the educational/promotionnel videos for Youtube (but not the reading articles stuff).

Can team run paid Advertisements of Function X on social media like Twitter. Solana and CRO do this. Can team utilize some Genesis funds @zaccheah?

Function X team can simply promote function x tweets on a click of a button from official fx Twitter account under Twitter Ads section.

Will FunctionX validator node run under Linux Ubuntu ? (Aarch64)
If it works by simply using a RPi4-4GB, that’s be great!!

There are medium sized exchanges that will list for reasonable fees, not much regulations. Refer below information.