(1st post) f(x)Wallet -> Android app BUG (Text out of visible area in about claim) -> Temporary fix ✅ || Patched

when I do a trail run for the first claim in rewards, i click the claim button and it takes me to a notice screen informing the rundown of the staking… it has more for me to read but it doesnt let me scroll down…

will be an issue if it doesnt change for the 15th of june deadline…

i have the latest update on my android device

any insght?

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Hello, I’ve moved your comment to a new thread, our tech team will be looking into this.
In the meanwhile may I have some details about the version of Android and the Device Model you’re on.

Samsung s10

Last updated 15th of April 2021

Android 11, One UI 3.1, Samsung Galaxy S10

Device spec sheet: Samsung Galaxy S10 - Full phone specifications

Thanks a lot for the details @StrayJalex, our team will be looking into this bug.

Thank you for your support

This bug has been confirmed to be solved within the next update, a temporary fix to this bug would be adjusting the system font to default.

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Beautiful,thanks for all your help.

Greatly appreciated

Kind regards,


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A member mentioned a temporary fix until the update is released, you can reduce the system font size.

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