404s - means combined erc20 & 721 standards NFT/Tokenised

Can our FxCore create a 404 token or MEME token 404? or Can PURSE become a 404, this is the hottest thing in Crypto world right now, MEMEs are about to play second fiddle to this latest trend right now, this is where the action is.

means combined erc20 & 721 standards =NFT/Tokenised

DePIN with 404s would make us even more Tasty, Fox Coin should be hot on this too; sooner you get in the game the more it will be worth to the ecosystem.

Just thought to my self, what about a PAXG linked 720 meme token, A gold backed NFT 404; sounds very tasty to me. but it may restrict it’s value potential linked to GOLD, anyway you get my drift

this Gold thought keep eating in the Back of my mind I’m on something, it’s like a word on the tip of your lips but unable to say it, If you could tokenise a block of GOLD with a 404 so it can be Broken down, maybe as 21m Pieces just to annoy the BTC maxi’s; could this be the division of Gold to use for money man kind has really been looking for the last few century’s

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If you’re referring to "ERC"404, unfortunately it does not follow EIP standards and it hasn’t gone through the formal process of getting listed as an EIP so there’s zero security guarantees. Its also pretty gas-heavy at this point so from the end-user perspective its not the best thing to work with.

Also the catch-22 of the 404 mechanism is that you need to have the base amount of the underlying ERC20 token in your balance in order to receive 1 ERC721 token, anything less than the base amount means you don’t get the NFT or it gets burned from your wallet in the process.

If anything, I dont think its a good idea to push any 404 related contracts to production so early, but something experimental on the testnet could be worth looking into.

Just my two cents :slight_smile:

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