A greater community combination

Hi again Pundians, the suggestion is that we combine our twitter likes, retweets, etc on potential proposed exchange listing, such as Binance asking which coin to list today for considerations.

Imo the best way to double down on these tweets is to combine our community efforts into one post, rather than having scattered across that particular tweet.

The benefits of course it will draw greater attention to exchange handlers and show greater community activity, positive sentiments etc for both fx and Pundix.

I have discussed with @ClaudioxBarros and it was agreed to try this approach out, why not huh.

Please tag Claudio on telegram or twitter at PundixSupporters tweet handle for upcoming/ongoing exchange events below;


We can only try and amplify our attempts. Over time it can be a force to be reckoned with and definitely draw attention to both Projects. Having many likes on tweets catches the eye and shows great community collaborations etc etc. The benifits far exceeds individual efforts.

Here is the first collaborative effort.


Please retweet and like.


Great initiative @Superbit123, it’s always refreshing to see healthy marketing done by our community independently!