Alphaday Dashboard for the Function-x community

Hello everyone,

I write this suggestion on behalf of Alphaday, a data aggregator dashboard exclusively for the Function-X community.

Alphaday is a powerful crypto workflow aggregator that pulls in news, on-chain data, social media, web3 services and much more into one customizable UI

Please find the link to Pull Request/Grant Proposal details below:

You can also check out our live Beta product to see how it will look like here:

All your feedback is appreciated.


Congrats! Awesome work done!


I definitely like this idea…
Information about FunctionX is sparse and hard to find actually.
Having it aggregated in some unique place that could become a standard of aggregation in the future, like CoinMarketCap is currently, would be great.
Since the price is really worth the investment, I think it would be a go for us !



You need make on chain proposal



Hi Mike,

Really appreciate the interest. Our team will check and i will get back to you asap.

Thank you.

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@Mike-Alphaday there are some comments made on your proposal

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Hi @Mike-Alphaday, it depends. :point_down:

Burn Scenarios:

  • Failing to reach quorum
  • Quorum is reached but ratio of ‘NoWithVeto’ votes exceeds 33.4%

Otherwise, all deposits will be refunded.


More info here.


Hi Mike,

It will be refunded if it passed the governance proposal.

Let me know if you have other questions.

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Hi @Mike-Alphaday ,

Kindly check you forum inbox.

I have sent you a message.

Thank you.

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Hello @indra,

Thank you for all your replies.

I have not missed a single message sent on boards, but I had to discuss this with my teammates first. We have decided to go ahead and create the proposal.
I will work on it as soon as I get the chance and post it in the forum as well once it’s done.

Thanks again,


Looking forward! A “Yes” vote from me, when it’s out :slight_smile:


Here is Aplhaday live Beta product to see how it looks like

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Hi, can you link your direct proposal details here plz. I’ve tried before, but showing up as 404 error.

I think the full length link is not available on the hyperlink on the forum.

I thought maybe it’s because I am accessing it through my phone, but same story on my laptop.

And, or can give the full link here.


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Can’t wait for it! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Hello @Superbit123,

Thanks for the notification.

Please find the link below:

Alternatively, you can view it in the document I just made public here:

For some reason my post got flagged as spam, so my original post is hidden.


Then 1200 usd make it +1200 usd 1 year Maintenance and Curation ?

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Hello Mike,

Thank you for considering adding Function X to your Alphaday data aggregator dashboard. However, I would like to inform you that the f(x)Core governance proposal initiated by you on StarScan has been selected under the wrong category. It should be listed under the EGF category.

As the president of Function X and since Alphaday is a platform that consolidates social media posts into one place, I would like to reimburse the 1,000 FX you deposited initially via FXDM (Function X Decentralized Marketing) project. This is because those funds will be burned with the current mechanism.

Before you resubmit the proposal under the correct category, I suggest you speak to @Richard and @indra to confirm that everything is in order. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Hello @DavidK,

Happy to meet you, and thank you for your detailed response.

We really appreciate the reimbursement and apologies for any inconveniences caused.

I will converse with @indra to clarify the issue and resubmit accordingly.

Thank you kindly,