Alternative Kurobi on FxCore does it possible?

Is there anyone here who could develop something like this but for the FxCore blockchain?

I will like this to be there on FxCore developed by us


This is exactly the kind of real-life applications I’d love to see on FxCore EVM.
But IOT do that, we need a strong community of builders, of customers. That’s what we need to focus on, too…


I typed to one Admint to try to can talk with them to proposs to migrate project to FxCore but i havent get answer.

I also like Pravica Messenger (Stack Blockchain) [Death dapp too] to migrate on FxCore o develop something like that.

I still missing simple EMAIL dapp also on blockchain web3.0 community…nobody makeing any, we need also something like that.

We need talk with death dapps develops to try to come here to FxCore migrating their projects doing funding proposal if necesary.