Artwork: info graphic and designs

Hello Pundians, hope every one is well.

I was thinking if we can we do some magic here and apply some touches on this info graphic below;

I don’t know who made this, maybe we can clean it up, or have a different style maybe…

1.XPOS needs to be included.

2.Tps speed is not verified, that needs to be taken out. Or left as “projected speed”

  1. Mining can be added

  2. Needs to say smartphone

  3. Create codeless blockchain.

  4. Cir Supply & Total Supply in middle or wherever possible.

  5. Decentralized Docker

  6. OTC, derivative trading, custodian, spot trading.

  7. Decentralized Web surfing.

  8. Relay Nodes

  9. Block reward per block maybe.

Please add more here anyone…:crossed_fingers:

Imo, We need high end stuff now for anything, let’s notch it up a bit across the board.

It is okay to have a few variations, why not, right, the production level here is minimal and we can throw this out there on twitter and for the community to use around.

@rob this could interest you…


Very cool! I’ll look into it during the next couple of days.


A more revised version.


  • F(X) Wallet
  • F(X) OS
  • Block on Block Phone (B.O.B.)
  • XPOS
  • Decentralized Exchange


  • Proof of Stake
  • Proof of Service
  • pBFT
  • IPFS
  • Create codeless blockchain
  • Decentralized Web surfing

F(X) Wallet:

  • Cryptobank
  • Delegating
  • Instant Swap
  • On-ramp fiat


  • Blocktime 1-5 sec
  • 200,000 TPS (projected speed)
  • Circ Supply and max supply of 378M
  • Wallet holders perhaps


  • Defi
  • Multi-chain
  • Cross-chain
  • Govern
  • Validating
  • Mining
  • Synthetic Assets
  • Decentralized Docker
  • Relay Nodes
  • dApps
  • FXTP
  • XPOS mining
  • XPOS as nodes
  • BOB as nodes

Nice work on the revised version @Superbit123 !

I’ve made a quick animation concept based on some of the information you’ve provided. What do you think? Could something like this work? Or should I focus on getting all the information into one static image?

FYI - This is just a quick storyboard. If people here like it I will send some time on animating it nicely in After Effects. :slight_smile:

Also - it would be great on some input on how the hierachy should be: What is in the inner “circle”? The second “circle”? Third etc.?


@rob Man you rock.

This guy should be hired right now, he knows what he does.

Thanks for your time!!


Rob this is mind blowing. I have to go through it properly, just got home to this very nice surprise.

I am loving it. Honeslty, your talents, Sheeesh. Simply wowed Rob. It’s clean and easy to read, the animation i can imagine it, I think it will work brilliantly.

By the way i have more concepts to pass over to you :relaxed::fist_right:

Thank you for your time and effort. When you tweet this, I will retweet the crap out of it :blush:


Nice job Rob! I’ve shared it in the FX market group, so later on we can use it on the Promo campaign! Join us there!


Wallet holders are 4819
And decentralized exchange is missing I think.

Maybe on your specific design, we can remove the bpft for DEX to keep it synced/aligned.

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You can probably notice how much I like this design by the sheer number of replies.

The data is also easy to read, I have shared with my personal friends, they love it and can’t believe you’ve come up with this so quickly.

Also they look like nodes connecting to one another.

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Holy crap, it looks extremely clean, easy on the eyes. Especially the last picture. @zaccheah

Maybe can add 1 more layer but will have to slot in more features.

Maybe PundiX or FunctionX team can help by saying what words can be added since i think there is more than 12 features for the last picture.

Someone hire this guy!

looks awesome Rob.

On the outer square with the Relay Nodes the little black square is a little off compared to the rest.

For the rest looks very very nice.

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Thank you for the feedback @Knexx ! :slight_smile:

This is a first draft so the graphics aren’t finalized yet. I was prioritizing throwing this first iteration quickly together to post it here on the forum for some input. I will fix the details you point out in the next interation.

Thanx for your feedback @SCENE ! Will work on adding another layer to the layout so we can get as much info across as possible.

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Perfect info graphic.
It looks great and fresh and modern.
I like the yellow overlay colour.

Its like a tadaaaaah moment, where the morning sun and the soft light enlighten you after a long period of rain.

Can imagine how cool it looks when animated.


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awesome Rob glad to have you onboard, I make a mega gif you probably seen it, I can’t wait to add your finished graphic to my collection

would be good if an app could be made to make like a scroll into it look; that just keeps letting you go zoom deeper into the X as there is a lot and to fit it all may cause it to get to congested, if you can’t make gif’s and your prepared to make the image layers I can turn it into a gif with multiple images, but i’m a basic level gif maker, needs someone that can spunk it up, Pundix needs some spunk

Fair enough mate. Looking forward to the final result :slight_smile:

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Rob, seriously, wow! :100:


Looks very nice Great work

Awesome, Rob. Your talent is appreciated. :ok_hand:t3:

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