Binance Recovery Fund


As per @zaccheah and @DavidK , PundiX & FunctionX have no funding impact from the FTX failure. Just read Binance is launching a Crypto recovery fund to support good projects which did get impacted : Binance CEO “CZ” Announces Crypto Market Recovery Fund | Binance News

If possible, FunctionX / PundiX should contribute in the fund. It would be great for Marketing & Networking for the X brands while helping out the industry.

PS: i wanted to post this in the suggestions category, but the options to create new topics is greyed out.

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I think it’s a great idea !!

why should decentralized mix with centralized ?


:raised_hands:t2::kissing_heart: agreed. This is marketing for Binance, likely smaller contributors will be buried away from this publicity. Crypto needs no bail out (unlike WallStreet), if every project takes good care of their customers and manage their finances properly. If project is good, there’s other avenue to raise additional capital; or VCs will come knocking on their doors. Having this recovery fund encourage more bad actors.

PS: above is my personal opinion, does not represent MargInX.


For marketing, that this project has their act together.