BlindBox NFT: Zac's social experiment

yeah its more of a interim solution… we wanted to start growing and not have to wait until its ready… and actually if we build something on polygon now that is working goo then we might bring extra attention to fx with the bridge/swap from polygon to fx…

goal is to have a multichain of fx powering the metaverse

any idea when people can actually start building dapps on fxcore? did the core team mention anything?

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i would love to say yes :smiley: but no i have no current timeframe

For those of you who still remember the experiment in Sept 2021, u r the OG.

After launch, community members went to interpret BlindBox and created cool concepts such as BlindGotchi, Daoverse etc.

Since nothing has happened since, and it was a weekend project really, and we now officially have Purse Box NFT, I’d like to ask, what to do with BlindBox?


  1. Rebooting it as a ERC404 project similar to Purse Box. Technically possible, but it may be one project too many. Might need new ownership to run it.
  2. airdrop Purse to BlindBox holders and call it a day.
  3. Reboot BlindBox thru Blindgotchi, saw a similar project on Base called Fren Pet.
  4. others

Coding is usually not the hardest, and happy to put in dev resources if reboots happen. The harder question is we need leaders and clear directions to steer it.

Your thoughts please :slight_smile:

Option 2 i say


I’m with Jan I think Option 2, we need focus on the eco system not old NFT’s

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My opinion is we need real NFT-SFT strategy based on tokens and Real use cases, like what QoWatt did with their limited number of “coins”, representing large number of tokens, benefitting from better APY when staked or pooled.

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Sounds right @LKYBOB and @Jan.

For those that have minted BlindBox, please DM me ur address which has the Blindbox NFT and we’ll drop you 3 $PURSE Box NFT on Ethereum. Claim period now till 19th April.

@FrenchXCore let’s make culture grant count!

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Oh it’s just ok for me.
My blindbox was a gift from some contest during an ama some tears ago.
Not even sure if i had to mint it, i believe not.

And like to say that it’s admirable that you end the experiment the way you do now, says a lot about a person, chapeau :pray:


Sure @zaccheah ! There’s absolutely no problem with supporting culture grant !!
But beside that, I think we should discuss a strategy with ERC404 going further than simple NFT and tokens that would bring value to the $FX ecosystem.


$AIMEOW will bring love and artificial intelligence to functionx’s fxcore.


Hi Zac,
Sent you DM already quite some time ago, any chance you can check it?