Hi Community,

I am Chee Keat. A week ago I created BlindGotchi.

It is a Tamagotchi-like blockchain game where users is able to care for the chick and grow it :ghost:. After successful care for a few days, the chick died due to malnutrition and lack of love. :sob:

Today I would like to revive the chic again and give it a second go. Is it OK if we care for it together? Also, I added a caretaker ranking system so the best caring person(Address) get recognized for their effort & time spend on taking care the chic, and maybe @zaccheah can give some prize to the best caring person. :wink:

Note: currently it is on Rinkeby testnet so there is basically no transaction fees to care for it exclude fees for getting blind NFT token on ethereum mainnet, and I can also setup on Polygon since it is EVM compatible which means I can just launch the contract without changes needed.


Let’s keep our blindgotchi alive!

(edit new link) Link for blindgotchi:


No worries it feels better now :smiley:

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Hi guys, FYI, our blindgotchi app URL has been migrated to

Have Fun :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Why not we make the gotchi grow, that will be lovely :slight_smile:

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Blindgotchi is now running on Ethereum testnet which means that you will need test Eth. With the test Eth, it’s going to be free to feed the chics since it’s on Rinkeby testnet. If we move this to Ethereum mainnet, the fees will be different. Ultimately when it get to FXCore it’s going to be also very cheap.

Perhaps we should do a community competition to keep Blindgotchi alive and flourishing.

Also, if you need test Eth to feed, maybe @BlueStitch can give you some.


Is it possible to integrate WalletConnect option so that we can connect using f(x)Wallet?

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BlindBox NFT: Zac's social experiment - #35 by zaccheah it should be coming soon :smiley:

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I was thinking about being able to interact with BlindGOTCHI. I have my BlindBox NFTs in my f(x)Wallet and I can’t connect wallet to website as it doesn’t support WalletConnect nor there’s browser extension for f(x)Wallet, also MetaMask doesn’t have option to import wallet via seed phrase.

Edit: found out how to import via seed phrase (thanks to @Chee_Keat_Lim)

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@alvisg thanks for your suggestion, unfortunately currently it is only working with metamask wallet. We will defintely take this suggestion into consideration in next version.

Meanwhile , you could import ur account into metamask either through private key or seedphrase.

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How about building this BlindGOTCHI in other chain? Binance Smart Chain / Polygon might be a good option, we can play it and will consume less gas.

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Personally, i think this is something interesting. Would like to see more comments from community members regarding to this.

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Good idea and understandable when it comes to the fees part.