Build FunctionX on-chain data infra

Hello everyone,

I write this proposal on behalf of Footprint Analytics.

Footprint Analytics is a blockchain data solutions provider. We leverage cutting-edge AI technology to help analysts, builders, and investors turn blockchain data and combine web2 data into insights with accessible visualization tools and a powerful multi-chain API across 20+ chains for NFTs, GameFi, and DeFi.

Active development generates a large amount of data on the FunctionX chain. Our proposal is to provide an infrastructure of on-chain data for FunctionX by indexing FunctionX chain data. By providing ready-to-use developer tools and comprehensive data analytics capabilities, we aim to increase the use of enhanced on-chain data, improve development efficiency, and expand the reach of FunctionX.

We will benefit the ecosystem in the following aspects

  1. For the Dev community: Accelerate the development with ready-to-use developer tools
    – Developers can use the free-to-use REST and SQL APIs hat cover Chain data, Wallet data, and more to reduce the time and cost of building on FunctionX

  2. For users: Helping users learn about FunctionX and improve trust and security
    – Users can use the zero-coding analytics tool and standard project dashboard on Footprint, enabling real-time analysis of the development of the FunctionX ecosystem.
    –Users can use the app directory with reference data covering protocols, contracts, developers, wallets, and relationship graphs of different address types as a reliable source of information for the FunctionX and verify the contract’s authenticity with reference data.

  3. For FunctionX: Monitor ecosystem development with data and increase marketing exposure with multi-type marketing support.
    – Free standard growth analytics dashboard with ecosystem development data on the FunctionX ecosystem: growth and share of metrics such as number of developers, projects, wallets, transaction data, etc. It will be useful for discovering potential projects, monitoring the ecosystem development, and providing support for the developers on the chain.
    – With insightful dashboards and chain research reports, we can spread the word around about FunctionX’s progress.
    – We have more than 50+ media channels with 500k exposure, such as Cryptoslate and CoinGecko. Our content could be reprinted by Yahoo Finance and many other media. Also other tens of social media platforms.

Proposal Details

1. The execution plan includes the following:

  • Indexing the data onchain.
  • Structuring the indexed data and generating a structured data table for ease of reference and analysis.
  • Gathering comprehensive reference data from the chain, including project names, contracts, and types, among other relevant information.
  • Integrating the data and producing domain-specific data tables, including categories such as NFT, GameFi, DeFi, and more.
  • Application of data: the data can be used in visualization and analysis tools and APIs for community use.

2. Technical detail

2.1 Program language: Python, Javascript

2.2 Technical design

  • Query engine: Doris, Trino
  • Storage: Iceberg
  • Compute engine: Trino
  • Real-time: Flink + Kafka

2.3 Data architecture

Milestones & Timeline

Milestone 1: FunctionX chain data on Footprint

  • Expected completion period: 4-6 weeks
  • Amount of $FX requested: US 20,000 equivalent in $FX , around 133,333 $FX
  • Verifiable deliverables
    – Structured data table: fx_transactions, fx_token_transfer, and more
    – FunctionX chain data analytics dashboard
    – FunctionX chain data APIs

Milestone 2: Wallet data for FunctionX ecosystem

  • Expected completion period: 2-4 weeks
  • Amount of $FX requested: US 15,000 equivalent in $FX , around 100,000 $FX
  • Verifiable deliverables
    – Structured wallet data tables
    – FunctionX wallet data analytics dashboards
    – FunctionX Wallet data APIs on Footprint

Milestone 3: FunctionX Dapp directory

  • Expected completion period: 2-4 weeks
  • Amount of $FX requested: US 15,000 equivalent in $FX , around 100,000 $FX
  • Verifiable deliverables
    – Provide an app directory with reference data covering protocols, contracts, developers, wallets, and relationship graphs of different address types.

Looking forward to hearing from the community on ideas and suggestions!

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Thanks for this proposal.
Do you have any reference, something we can see online ?



This is their social handle:


Very interesting, indeed.
Documentation is also very important for developers, beside FX foundation…
Would the access to the data open and freely accessible thru a documented API (graphql, sthg else) ?

Thank you for your attention :heart:

You can visit Footprint’s website to see what we have been working on:

Official Website

Chain data analysis

Chain dapp directory example

Some Research Reports Examples:

Yes, documentation is indeed crucial for developers to effectively utilize the data.

We provide REST APIs for developers to access the data. You can check the Docs link here: Introduction

For API usage, we have a free tier for basic needs and we also offer enterprise SLA support.

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i really love your project
i will vote yes

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Hi @Amanda !

I really like the project, but :

  • I can’t subscribe to the Idea of voting to fund a project, knowing that access to the data might be with a fee : could you be more specific as to what might be access-free or not free,
    -I’d really like to know what the basic API might provide for free, upon subscription, etc.


Hello @FrenchXCore , thanks for your feedback.

We offer a multitude of options to freely access and utilize data:

  1. Free access to analytics tools that allow access to all data, facilitating the creation of charts or dashboards using SQL or no-coding methods. This was created using the free analytics tool: Chain data analysis

  2. Free use of the FunctionX Dapp directory, allowing users to query wallet profiles for specific addresses, contracts for specific protocols, addresses interacting with protocols, and more. All data used in this context is freely available. Chain dapp directory example

  3. All the endpoints of the APIs you see on the docs can be used for free, including chain API, Token API, NFT & GameFi API, wallet & balance API, etc. We also support SQL api and chartAPI, which allows users to call the data in the form of APIs from the charts they create using the analytics tool.

All of the above are provided free of charge to the community, and we are committed to ongoing maintenance of the data. Our goal is to make the data effortless for a broader user base, even meeting the needs of analysts unfamiliar with coding, who can access the data for free through Footprint Analytics tool.

Our fee-based services are mainly enterprise-level support, such as customized API interfaces in addition to those provided by docs, to meet the higher requirements of API service request throughput.

I hope the above answers your questions. I believe we share the same goal of making data valuable, so all of our standardized data is freely available to the community.

Feel free to keep raising further questions if you have any. Thanks!


I love your proposal
I will vote yes


Hi @Amanda !

Sorry for not answering earlier on this subject.
I will support your proposal.
But I’d like to hear from the foundation and other validators on this subject.


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