Buying FX through Fx Wallet

When I look in the Fx-Wallet I can buy BTC / USDT / ETH / …
All of these are available for Purchase.

But no Pundix or Fx… Is that something that can be developed?

I’m asking this because I am interested in buying FX but for that I need to go to a exchange… Already enrolled in some exchanges … but for FX I need to sign up for a new one… 3 exchanges is for me already enough :slight_smile:

I totally agree. Why can’t we buy it in the app?
Wouldn’t it be as easy to let team Pundi/FX buy a whole bag, move it to the FX wallet so we can buy it from there?

Have you added the assets to your wallet?

Hey Cameron,
When I open my fx wallet I can see fx between my assists, also pundix / etc …
But I can not buy them there… that I know (or did I do something wrong).
I would presume I have to go to “cryptobank” on the wallet and then go to purchase.
When I press “view all” Fx is not between them to buy.

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Correct. What you do is buy USDT and do an on chain swap. This will get you familiar with how everything works with current system under Eth.

Hence why we are eager to see the massive capabilities of FxCore!

Let me know if you need any further assistance.

That’s correct.

Here’s a screenshot.