Can’t undelegate Pundi X

Good day, I want to undelegate my PundiX but this doesn’t work. I get this message.

Anyone familiar with this?

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I think the team is aware of this, which was reported a while ago.

Let’s wait for an update. :pray:

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Dear Peter_Jansen,

This message means that you weren’t having enough PUNDIX for the network fees required for un-delegating.
This often happens when the user has delegated all the PUNDIX tokens they have. As a result, they don’t have enough PUNDIX for claiming rewards, un-delegating or re-delegating.


Thanks for your message Chloe_yu. Do you happen to know how much the average network fee is? I have not delegated all PundiX.

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Based on the fee history on PundiXChain for delegation, it cost about ~0.5 $PUNDIX per tx.

  • Just make sure you always have about ~2 $PUNDIX for gas fees.

Delegate: ~0.5 $PUNDIX
Undelegate: ~0.5 $PUNDIX
Claim Reward: ~0.4 $PUNDIX


So that’s not the problem.

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