Cannot withdrawal from MarginX with stgarscan Bridge,

Nothing happens.

Before system runs fine and fast,

starscan bridge mode to imput or output usdt to marginx is uffffffffffff

just new output and bproblems, i dont know why not before mode

Hi @Aritz_Bahamonde,

Don’t quite understand the issue that you’re facing. Do elaborate further.


i sent you direct IM,

I think that before method og internal marginx bridge was absoluttly good.

now marginx+starscan bridge …problems

I encountered this issue before as well. It could possibly be StarScan’s issue.

Try using the bridge on MarginX website instead, that one works.

Sending to me MarginX bridge to starscan bridge directly

Based on the video which you sent me … looks like Starscan not responding.

Try this again … Function X StarScan

If unsuccessful… The address which you dm me is wrong, dm me again with the correct address.


Oh, I didnt realized it links to StarScan now. I thought it was still the previous in-built bridge.