Caught me by surprise: DEXPOS

As someone who has used crypto to make payments online, I think this is a game changer for Pundi X. This could make adoption of XPOS more realistic for everyday consumers and retailers. It would also add to core use cases of Function X.

The Ethereum network is literally impractical when payments are made for items worth less than $200. The gas fees are way too high even when sending ETH or Wrapper USDT from one wallet to the other. Imagine, paying 20 dollars for a coffee worth 1 dollar.

However, unpegged coins are highly volatile and pegged coins are more preferred while transacting. This encourages us to keep stable coins on the wallet. As more networks are made compatible with Function X such as BSC and Tron, transacting stable coins using these chains would be more practical. And now with the possiblity of on-chain pegged USD, I believe it could really make a difference and serve as a catalyst for adoption.

One development I would like to inquire about is how DEXPOS can help in development of online payment system. From what I understand (from ordinary person’s view), both are pieces of code running on a server with similar functions. Does this indicate we are nearer to getting an online payment system from Pundi X/Function X than we were ever before? If so, why not open a discussion topic and add it to the pipeline.

Hope it is released soon. Good work team :saluting_face:.

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Xpos is an on line blockchain payment system has been for 4 years, sorry i struggle to understand your questions, DeXpos means the payment system sit’s in a decentralised eco system, meaning it has greater freedoms like BTC as it dose not have a central authority i assume this is the end game meaning it can’t be manipulated by any central authority. it’s un-closeable.

Fx core was created by design to provide the blockchain for XPOS to run on it’s own decentralised blockchain Pundi X Chain purpose built for these applications to move off eth network, FX is derived from PUNDIX originally; with the results coming forward you are starting to see the products of planning from 4 years in the making coming to completion, exciting times to come this project runs deeper then most people imagination.

You are right. Seeing the pieces come together is absolutely amazing. The vision is becoming a reality after so many years.

My question was not related to XPOS in general but XPay (I believe thats what the system would be called from earlier Pundi X Roadmap). It has not been mentioned in the new roadmap. Right now, there may many others but and coingate seems to be the top providers for web payments. There also seems to be a huge rise on these types of web based payments and increasing number of websites are accepting payments through them.

My question concerned where web payments stand towards implementation now that a major milestone seems to have been achieved in terms of XPOS. As both would likely have similar system architecture and payments go through the internet(from an ordinary person’s view, I am not a developer so might miscalculate things a lot here), how does this development affect XPay in general. Shouldn’t it be open for discussion or mentioned in the pipeline chart (maybe in the backlog).

the pipeline planner is not a discussion page, if developers are going to update something or add it you’ll see the plan & implementation there, Xpos & Dexpos never Xpay that I’m aware of, Payments are made on blockchain; internet is merely a connection device if PUNDI has it’s way in the future we won’t need internet either, Blockchain is like it’s own independent radio channel internet is just the unit we’re using to tune into it at this time. there is a big difference between a centralised internet payment system to a blockchain payment system in which PUNDIX is the first blockchain payment system which comes complete with a real world in use POS devices which is not limited to their own POS manufactured devices & open to any network that can be connected they are not a closed off eco system.

Again, not a developer so forgive me for my vocabulary. Some terms I use interchangeably.

The reason I wanted to get it shown on the pipeline (in the backlog) is for it to be recognized as it seems to have fallen of the ladder. The section “activity and others” does not seem to have anything, maybe put it there. Also, I meant for the discussion to take place in the forum.

As I said earlier, I have used crypto payments and believe many like me who encourages crypto use and tradeing do it online. Wasn’t XPay supposed to be somewhat like coinpayments and coinsgate. Not talking about the infrastructure but as a medium connecting customers to businesses.

With more people adopting crypto, most industries (like vpn services with millions of users) have completely started supporting crypto payments. Wasn’t XPay supposed to address these types of markets such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN which combined has millions of customers and an increasing base paying with crypto like myself.

The benefit I see in the discussion is kickstart another conversation around a real world use case for Function X.

someone from the project will need to try answer your question, I personally no nothing of Xpay.

Fx has many use cases but primarily it’s the Layer 1 blockchain of Pundix, the ecosystem bag everything is held in, like Ethereum network it’s the Blockchain Chain But on FX core

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