Claiming after staking - how much ETH does it cost?

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to claim my FX from staking done earlier this year & every time I try to do so it says I don’t have enough ETH, even though I do have ETH in the wallet.

How much ETH is it going cost to claim this FX (in which both FX & PundiX were staked). It seems the amount of ETH required is way more then what the FX is worth (at current market rates).

I also just noticed that there was a deadline of June 30 to claim, so have I missed that opportunity? I just found this forum & wasn’t aware of the deadline.



Any chance I can get a reply from someone/anyone? I see so many other questions people ask that have a lot of engagement, I can’t believe I’m the only person with this issue.

Had the same problem about a month back. Here is the post:

For me the reward claim was not worth it as the eth fees are higher. I also wasn’t aware of the deadline at first and that is why you should always check the latest news on projects you are invested in.

So I think it is not worth it for you to claim.

Hope this helps.

eth cost:
it varies every second since eth gas prices are dpending on the network capacity. her you an find the eth transaction prices 6 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan

it was posted in every telegram community channel and twitter many times every day.
and there was a medium article about that.
sorry but you need to be more aware of the news of your investments. Thats your own responsibility. please be more up to date in the future. the news are spread on every channel.


Can someone help explain, why the ETH gas prices which look to be quite low as now/today, for all areas & I apparently still don’t have enough to cover the costs. I have at least $60 in ETH in my wallet, so you’re telling me that even at these costs, this is still not enough to cover it?

@zaccheah there is something wrong here, the math doesn’t add up, how is it you can promote a program like this? Was it only ever designed for the large holders?

depends on the kind of transaction you want to do… there are more complex actions like multi chain swaps that are more expensive than the ones shown there…

here again… the ethereum prices are 100% made of the ethereum miners and no one on earth except the eth miners can change that…