[CLOSED] 50th validator

Hi team ! @lancelai

Is it normal to see the 50th validator in the active validator set not being active (0% uptime) whereas other validators are waiting in the queue ? Shouldn’t it be jailed already ?


@FrenchXCore 1 (and now 2 as well !)

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fxcored q slashing signing-info '{"@type": "/cosmos.crypto.ed25519.PubKey","key": "mVNE7rpqdErFqUc/0uH9UJZ99SeLfauDYXu/aDnBBSQ="}' --node https://fx-json.functionx .io:26657 -o json|jq

   "address": "fxvalcons1dcgw5sajyggqqaxfun9fts9407hqdf2nugxlkd",
   "start_height": "13590213",
   "index_offset": "1192123",
   "jailed_until": "2023-08-23T21:04:39.468119449Z",
   "tombstoned": false,
   "missed_blocks_counter": "20000"

13590213+20000 > Current latest height, so not in jail yet

Expected to go to jail after 13610213

There is a protection period of 20,000 blocks.


Thanks @lancelai : I learnt something today.
I didn’t know about this “protection period” !

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