Communication is required now

We are still waiting for the Stage 2 launch date. The last messages mentioned by @zaccheah indicated that it would be in September on a special day, the community has pretty much guessed that the 27th would be the most likely, but so far we have had no further communication has happened.

It is absolute key that with less then 2 weeks till that date that it is officially announced what it is. Expectation management is already behind, but can’t be reasonably pushed further.
Either communicate that the date, or manage the expectation to a later date.

Building hype is not wrong, it is needed to create momentum and spread knowledge of the project. if we only get the news when it already happened, or with too little time before, the news is already old news and glossed over.
Just to be clear with an example. No man sky failed as spectacularly because expectations where not managed, not the hype that it build up.


As a future validator I need to know when stage 2 starts because I have to undelegate my fx 21 days before stage 2.


I completely agree with Rich.
BTW: communication is pretty poor in general. But hey, they do not want to attract a marketing firm… Yep beginning to loose faith, hopefully it is just a mindset that can be turned around in a jiffy.


My issue here is we sent Xpos to El Salvador, 170 apparently.

We must have an idea if they are operational, how many, are they being used etc…

Not only that, everyone’s asked for a map to show where they are, but nothing.

It’s hard not to lose interest when people aren’t really given any updates around the basics.


Yeah so true, totally agree with you on this.

There is totally nothing wrong with having hype and momentum in a project.

In another perspective is, having good vibes / sentiments around a project is one of the many key points that brings a project to the mass awareness stage and that itself is like a domino effect.

Hype is contagious and it is not necessarily a bad thing, just like laughter is good for the health, hype and momentum is beneficial to a project.

Although the product is good, the marketing is kinda lacking, imho.

Nevertheless, i will still hold onto my coins and never sell them.

Hope they can or will hire a experienced marketing team in the near future, put the ECG to good use.


We’ll see the truth soon enough, once Pundi Chain goes live, we can see all the transactions on-chain so we’ll know if they actually used the Xpos. If we see no transaction for a few weeks, might have fell through.


Zac already mentioned he could possibly make that process quicker for new validators, I personally don’t leave things to chance and hold those funds in ready, They might be able to point the ship but maybe they can’t predict how hard the wind will blow; just a thought


Quick update.

The 150+ XPOS sitting waiting for the ministries to give us a shipping address and finalize some paperwork. We are in weekly group chat with their ministry and the capable Mónica Taher. @Djarvis I’d like to copy past the chat screenshots here, but I think patience is needed for this one.

@Richyshadowlux I note ur concern, and l am happy that you care.

@JL23 that’s the idea, to let the world see our transaction numbers on PundiXChain.


I would love to see live XPOS transactions on fx explorer. A real world working product. Long term holder of pundix, will be great to see.


It’s also interesting to see if we should have a dedicated PundiXChain explorer apart from FX Explorer. There are pros and cons to combined / seperated.

@papilloncrypto do note that XPOS tx on PundiXChain go live immediately this current September/October iteration. The current iteration is to launch PundiXChain and observe a bit before we put XPOS in it too.


I think putting Pundix chain transactions on FX explorer will be better. It will also be good looking for Fx core.

Also Function X can say look we have transactions from real world products in Function X.


  • Less coding and testing efforts

  • Also Pundix and Function X can help each other out. It’s just a matter of where to display transactions, the Validators for Pundix are separate anyway.

In the backend coding, things can be separate with it’s own chain and validators, but transactions are better to be displayed on FX Explorer or keep it in fx explorer until XPOS becomes big.
Saving time and work to focus on Function X Mainnet stage 3 and DeX will be better



@papilloncrypto I have same thoughts.

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Makes sense same as any erc20 token on eth network it shows on eth explorer,

only concern i see are those that already see FX as taken over pundix may not feel like Pundix is it’s own,

I’m with what ever is the fastest and most productive for the network

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@LKYBOB PundiX is it’s own thing with PundiX chain and its own separate validators.

I hold both PundiX and FunctionX. So no bias here.


PundiX transactions will look great on FX Explorer. I created a sample below editing some UI. I know developers already might have done it. Just excited for PundiX chain.


I totally agree

I can’t guarantee that it will be part of FX explorer but I am also in favor of that


any news “on the special day”?
if it is the 27th… that is 5 days away…