Community marketing efforts

Hello everyone.

In telegram today a few discussions evolved about things we as a community can do to galvanize the rest of the crypto sphere to become aware of FX.

The biggest problem FX has it’s general awareness and lack of any news cycle touching on it’s features.

Some suggestions were that we create a organized Reddit push on r/cryptocurrency with the purpose of education and showing how fast and high potential the ecosystem is.

I would like to gauge everyone’s interest on organizing a thread like this to have a rally of comments to push the thread to trending.

Please comment here if this interests you as a first stage of community driven marketing.


I think it would be rather powerfull if we could direct this kind of comunity power towards asking exchanges to list fx.

Targets would be binance, huobi, kraken, bitvavo and more


Count me in, will happily upvote and add comment :slight_smile:



Ill happily contribute on Reddit; I dont use anything else;


I am in. I don’t have enough karma to post in some crypto groups. If someone can post, I will like and comment.

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Can you make specific post for FunctionX @This_Dutch_guy . Include these points.
FunctionX mainnet launched on July 6th with crosschain support and proof of stake. Ethereum crosschain bridge launched. Binance crosschain support is in testing. Token creation without Ny coding skills to be launched by December. Blockchain phone OS. Staking with upto 105% apy.
You can add one image and your points as well.

Nice work mate

Has this been posted already? I want to see for myself and upvote it.

I will try and mark up my own thoughts on a post this weekend with details and links.

You’re right that we need to all do this at once to get real notice.


Always best to directly ask someone from the team like Marcus to read over it all and so they can correct anything that maybe misinterpreted or explained wrong, otherwise you risk misinformation if your explain with your own interpretation of info, as most of this seems to be material written by Pundi you can’t go wrong using their own words pulled from Multiple information sources, Best thing you could add at the end is a title - links to information sources; and put links to all the information presented as then you give your information package full legitimacy.


Add link to FunctionX explorer in first paragraph may be

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I was thinking about this today too. It’s a pointless effort at least until btc has made a capitulation.


BTC price seems to be following GrayScale the mutts; Hopefully now all the options have expired we will see some decent recovery

One strategy I have been thinking about is, if pundix /functionx team leverage their telegram followers and organize a group Twitter post at a specific time in which everyone tags Elon musk and Mark Cuban. Few thousand people tagging at the same time sure will get their attention and get hash tags in trending.

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The most ideal time for this would be once the Xpos has moved to FX network. @zaccheah @DavidK

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Unfortunately our community response time and active chatter “army” is very low for FX. We have tried to do things like this in the past and only have 3 - 5 people actually try and boost the signal.


Plenty to come over the next few months, there are more people paying attention then you think, be happy to grow your own stack and get as much of the high apy while we are in the early stages on the network, Personally I will not retweet anything that tags over rated Elon Musk or Meme coins! and any other Project that dose not have direct connection to Pundi. make good happy posts of Pundix and FX project material i’ll retweet it but in most cases it will be when the markets return to confidence is when you’ll see how many are paying attention, we need more people that can do real charting in manor we get good reactions to, again we won’t really get that until the whole market is back, Be patient it’s on the way back soon


Spot on. Thank you


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On the Buy side brother what’s the issue, can only help the value go up, don’t stress over walls they are and every day part of market trade, wait until you see 20 walls the same both sides and the market buying through them, you have seen nothing yet