Create my own token, fx (core) or Fx classic

Hi there,

During the testnet we had the possibility to create our own token, it was easy and awesome. I remember we had a page for setting up the token with few clicks.

Can we create our token now on Fx (core)?

If we create a token a Fx (core) can we bridge on Fx classic and vice versa?

Thank you for your help.

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Hi, you can create tokens, there’s already tokens created… Just not with one click, maybe in the future


I don’t have the knowledge for that, that’s why I ask if we have a page. Thank you

What kind of token you like to create

Hi @sinainthecity, just as @ClaudioxBarros has said, you can create tokens on f(x)Core but not with a single click yet.

@IvanFunctionX famously created his own token previously. :eyes:


If you like to make token
I have friend who would help you, he charge just 50$

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how can they put after on farmings?

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Thanks to all of you for the response! :raised_hands:

I hope to see a tool for allow anybody to create his own token, shop, organisation ect. This was one of my arguments when I promoted Fx Chain during the testnet to my friends and on the Fx French discord.

@Fox_Coin I have an idea for creating a social token because, in México, I’ve launched o social group in Puerto Vallarta named Bitcoin Vallarta. I am now living in another city and planning to launch Bitcoin Oaxaca.

It can be fantastic to create tokens and share them for free to people to show the technology. I’ve already done NFT for crypto Vallarta. It’s no lucrative purpose. It’s an educative purpose.

Thanks, @IvanFunctionX. If I need the service, I contact you directly. But it would be better to have the tool to promote Fx Blockchains. And I would like to learn how to do it. How to do a web3 app as well. I’m a good student :wink:


Let me add this, for exemple in reef finance they have this tool and I’ve also seen one better on BSC with possibility to set up many options like deflation ect.

Reef : Reef Chain Wallet dApp

BSC: CoinTool

I didn’t tryed the service, and prefer use fx blockchain for support Fx Army and give my modest contribution.