Custom titles

As @SCENE and @Alchimist suggested here, we’re going to introduce titles like in the screenshot above. If you wish to receive a custom title, please request it in this thread.


My request:

HODLer & delegator


Advisory Consultant


FUD slayer


thats accurate :smiley: i follow that on twitter

I would like one, how about all of the above :rofl: kidding, just messing with Eduard and how he’ll fit it all in.

But I really don’t know what fits me tbh, but would like something, if you Pundians have one for me…

Some key words are needed here for people to slot into such as;

-New member
-delegator is a good one as @Jan said
-info guy lol (fud squasher)
-Team member (fx or pundix)
-Merchant / XPOS merchant
-trusted user
-ete etc please add more, I’ve woken up in a funny mood, so maybe not all serious list here…

Side note, is Pundians the correct term also for fx enthusiasts… Just saying, we good as Pundians anyways, it has worked for a while now for both. :wink:

Just noticed the team have staff badge. Nice.

How about some datas for this forum on a monthly basis @eduardstal. Gives us an additional excuse to tweet and draw more key Pundians in here, with many talented people out there to engage here.


You are the most active in the community with great topics and replies over several platforms. Community Chief would fit🙂


Sounds good, I think a monthly report would be cool, I’ll post some more graphs in 10-11 days so that there’s a full month since we launched.


Fits quite well chief, haha! (when you decide on something, let me know and I’ll change it :laughing:)

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Hey guys and girls, great effort going on.

Can I suggest not to have titles such as “consultant” or “advisor” and use more community-centric title? Appreciate that!


Roger that @zaccheah, @Toneavii what other title that would fall under Zac’s guidelines could I give you?


I shall claim the title, “Peasant”.

Jk, i would love to have “Delegator or 2018 Supporter” to show i was supporting since the beginning!

Like a badge!

Hmm, would it be possible to also implement badges? Badges mainly for showing the Year. Meaning we have been here since Year XXXX.

Whenever i visit some of the other forums, some people have Badges that showcase the year they joined. It can also kinda showcase to future investors that we were here, loyally supporting since day 1!

Fast forward 10 years… Since FX have 15 years of staking and the roadmap is constantly changing, it would be so cool to look back and see that i have a 2018 or at least 2021 badge that i can be proud of!


@eduardstal would “Research Analyst” work?

If not “Blessed” would be fine.

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That’s a good idea . I would use the usual one "Handsome " :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :sweat_smile:



That’s not a title…:joy::joy:… that’s just what you are…

“Handsome validator” would fit better then :smile::smile:


How about;

Community Support & Year 1 Holder;

I pick these title for now until we can establish appropriate titles across the forum.

I like the idea from @SCENE suggested.


@eduardstal @zaccheah @Superbit123

I suggest offering the title "PUNDIX Class of " for the PUNDIX community who provide inputs in general. So the title could read “PUNDIX Class of 2018”, for example. I like to have that title if available.

This gives the PUNDIX community an idea of how long a person who has commented in this forum has been involved with PUNDIX.

Every person in the PUNDIX community should be encouraged to learn and grow with the project, so I believe that having such a title promotes community (oh we joined on the same year, oh so glad you joined in year XXXX , that was the year PUNDIX did …etc), and pride (wow I have been involved for so long, wow I joined when PUNDIX launched this or that) as well as humility (hey I am always here to learn).




As much as i like my new title i do think later we should have more serious titles like in Superbit’s list and then next to that the year of entering the PUNDIX/FX project showing the loyal holders.

That’s something for later when the forum is growing and more users joining.

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Yay got my 2018 badge!


Oh I Didnt request one yet.

Hmm what do I want…

Voice of the voiceless

After one of my favourite metal Songs and it would be fitting since I spoke the Podcast :sweat_smile:

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