DAOverse #2

Hello guys, girls and all in between.

it is a long time since the failed proposal and us making an update for our daoverse project.
I want to be as transparent as possible and i will give my personal story of what happened, sorry if it is written emotional.

If you just want to get to the news just scroll down behind the first chapter :smiley:

chapter 1 - The Story behind

It started with my idea of using the Blindbox fun project from @zaccheah as RPG base and quickly i found @KuzoIV who wanted to create this idea with me.
As we where in direct contact with the team and many supporting holders of FX and everybody got back to us really positive we started the idea of making it really big. We were encouraged by many including the founders of fx to make an as big as possible approach for the project and company. Maybe we were too naive that this will work if we just have the team on board. This failed proposal showed a lot and helped to improve the governance of fx.
To realize this massive amount of work in this short time @KuzoIV and I worked endless hours for the success of the proposal that would give us the opportunity to start this concept. For this we both reduced our main work to almost zero and we used our own money to build it. Because we really believe in the success of this project. Everything was planned out and projected, we created video content, our alpha versions of the nfts, i hired two professional writers to build a perfect story, spoke with many other projects and developers. I have built a whitepaper that is more extensive and in depth as any whitepaper of the whole market that i read and we just needed the starting money to build the company and developer contracts to get this going. This was an all in from us.
Since the propasal didnt pass and the restructure of the governance no doesnt allow us to make a second approach to a similar one this project as it was planned was not possible to build.

Since this was an all in and the big crypto crash into the bear market occured at almost the same time (it seems the failed proposal robbed all hope and killed the market :smiley: ), we had to take a step back. After almost a year of focusing on the project with many challenges in my personal life with my former fiance and myself, almost no income, many expenses and my personal crypto crash, my liquidity was gone and i had to get back into my normal work. For this i finally left my old company for good and am working self employed now and am creating my own investment broker company this or next year. The first big struggle is almost over and i can start again doing some hours per week for the project. But by far not the amount i did last year.


from today you will start hearing from us again. We have built through this hard episode and we will build further.
Thanks @KuzoIV for sticking with me and the project and going through any hardships, even if we never met in person i would call you a real friend. We get this going and we’ll meet one day.
Thanks @zaccheah @DavidK @indra @BlueStitch for all the support you gave us last year, I would have loved to give you the first playable alpha version of the game by now. Too bad it didnt work out as planned.
And thanks to all the DAOverse supporters out there that are still waiting for us to get started.
Sorry that you didnt hear from us for so long.

ok i wipe away my tears now and will come to the chapter you were waiting for.

chapter 2 - The Story to come

Since we had to live with the fact that we don’t get money for the project the easy way I got back into the concept.
The plan to build a 3d unreal engine 5 metaverse project with 240 playable and collectible characters in a fantasy based environment stays the same.
Whats changed is that we had to cut working hours and expenses to get to the first step of monetization and by this we can also achieve that the accessibility will be cheaper and easier to produce. This way we can get a bigger community on board and give everybody the opportunity to participate.

For this we asked us some questions:
How to progress in general,
how to bring the most utility,
how to make the entry level as affordable as possible without reducing the value of the collectible NFTs
and in general how to create a really great product for FX and the crypto world to create a really big healthy community where nobody will be left out.

therefore on the product side we will have four levels of NFTs

level 1:
These cards will be the entry ticket. They will be cheap, eg. 20 usd fixed price and wont have the big secondary market collectible value, but they have the utility to use all the services we will develop for the daoverse.

level 2:
the 3d models will be the collectible. The 3d models come in different variations and with different effects.
They will be of different rarities and they will be the NFTs that are randomly minted per single mint, traded and collected over the secondary markets (those are the NFTs which you can compare to cryptopunks or BAYC if you want to compare from collectible value perspective)
you can only mint a 3d model if you have the card nft for the exact character card. (eg. you have muramasa card, then you can only mint a muramasa collectible)

regarding the random rarity at the mint time we think of 4 rarity grades (40% standard, 30% rare, 20% epic, 10% legendary)

level 3:
Metaverse estate will be the NFTs used for building houses and a living in the metaverse. They will be minted and traded over secondary market as the project grows.

level 4:
items will be minted and traded over secondary markets and be used for variious effects through every service and game we will offer in the daoverse.

chapter 3 - The Story to see

XXXXXXXXX preview for level 1 NFTs (entrance card) XXXXXXXXX

XXXXXXXXX preview for level 2 character collectibles NFTs (standard rarity with low effects and standard skin) XXXXXXXXX

XXXXXXXXX preview for level 3 housing NFTs XXXXXXXXX

XXXXXXXXX preview for level 4 Items and collectibles NFTs XXXXXXXXX

aaaaaaand something everybody is waiting for as item collectibles :smiley:

there are Pets in the making

thank you all for supporting us this far and i hope we will see us again in the the DAOverse.

PS: there will be a new approach to get investors on board, like with a seed round or a coin offering on FX once possible. But maybe we need some more months for that. Stay tuned.

Lets build this world. Together.


Wow nice to heard you keep building your project
Keep it up bro


But what about the blindbox nft ?


I’m rooting for you guys! :heart_eyes: :fire: :muscle:

As someone who games for a living and owns a gaming business too, I’m excited to see the characters, the actual gameplay, and the world-building once it is all done!

Reminds me of what Diablo and Path of Exile originally aimed for - a dark, fantasy-themed action role-playing game in a hack-and-slash or “dungeon roaming” style or open-world like Elden Ring.

Can’t wait for more sneak peeks, especially the world-building part! :blush:


I stil delegate and believe in the project , keep working :muscle::+1:


We are not controlling blindbox. But if they Stick with us we can still do the collab as planned last year.

Thanks for your words and Support.
We are building the nfts and are coming back.

Game development has to be delayed until we have the proper finances for it.

But we can Start a second attempt to get the starting capital in a few months I think.


#comment on post
It’s really great experience doing the DAOverse and happy we reached this far even with all obstacles occured as it increased our skills and team bond.

Transparency is very important to communicate with users and needs bravery and energy to actually do it.

Proud of you and Looking forward for the day we meet inshallah @Alchimist :raised_hands:t4:

#comment on post
As we started chat with community few things would like to share.

We have library of 1TB size assets custom made by me which includes Game characters, outfits, Weapons, effects and building materials with high details, actually its still relatively small size to the game size we building so yah way alot more to be add and optimize for plug and play.(expecting final library size 20TB+ of assets in upcoming months and years)

So regarding that later on with upcoming stages in @Alchimist layout plan will share behind scene videos for all our work.

Average work time on assets daily dropped from 7 hours to 4 hours per day as I had to focus on living tasks, so the timeframe to completion went longer to maintain the A Rank quality of asset we deliver.

Releasing the assets will be depending on what to come later on as @Alchimist mentioned.

So expect more sneak peaks in upcoming time.

Again am glad we can start to share with fx community and take new step in building DAOverse :white_check_mark:


So expect more sneak peaks in upcoming time.

:eyes: :grimacing:

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i am very glade to here Finnaly something out from you.
I am looking forward. Dont give up Build on this game nft

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@Alchimist ,

Why wouldn’t you create your own token on BSC to start collectif money and consider migrating later on on FX ?
This is what @Fox_Coin did, and I like the “launchpad” Idea. However, i would strongly recommend migrating to your own parachain later on and use FX as gas fee, for transaction fee purposes and speed.

Regards !!!
Keep going stronger!

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Thanks for the words, we are far away from point of giving up no worries.

We building something different and new with great future to come, it will be waste to give up something as this in combination of DAOverse team skills.

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does It very expensive to create not having a multiverse or a metaverse, but simply an online scenario where it could be, for example, a square where 5 or 6 people could connect?

Heartening to see you’re still pursuing your interests. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need technical support


i dont think that would be very expensive, but the whole prework has to be done before we can bring in the first utility…
the first NFT series has to be launched… such a small meeting place can be one of the first utilities after or directly with the release of the first nft series.

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