Defi Tank Unity Game

Hello. Everyone!
I have made web3 tank game NFT based. (Unity + Blockchain)
This is the demo link.

Please read the white paper on above link, let me know your opinion.
I am going to deploy it next week.

@zaccheah @DavidK @Danny @Dione @indra @SCENE

on which blocklchain you are launching?

pantom testnet

hmm k and then what will be the connections to functionx? or you just want to shill it here?

I don’t know well about functionx, I just want to deply my project and get money.

if you dont plan to connect it to function x or use fx as blockchain then you are in the wrong forum here bro… sorry xD

I think you can introduce to me who can help me about my project.

No one can help me here?
Ok. I quit.

if you build for function x many can help… if you build for another blockchain i dont think you are right here

I don’t about functionx well.

Hi, Everyone. Thanks all. Bye. here the blockchain

I know. But it will take to understand about functionx.
I have no time.