Delegate crosschain

Some idea popped into my head.
About delegating $FX.
Would it be possible to cross delegate?

I mean, delegate your fx through fxwallet get $fx as reward and then have a choice to get extra/secundary rewards like $wan or $matic or $tron, or whatever bridge is supported on the fxchain?
Just like delegating $pundix and get pundix as reward and $purse as secundary token.

That would be something new in the Crypto space, right :slightly_smiling_face:


Not sure if it’s feasible because rewards are given from blocks generating tokens and fees, in return for securing the network.


  • Delegating $PUNDIX
  • $PUNDIX reward comes from <gas fees> while $PURSE is from <block rewards>.
  • Rewards that originated from gas fees + block reward are considered sustainable.
  • By sustainable, I don’t mean token value but the ability to generate tokens consistently.

So back to your idea, the reward has to come from somewhere so I don’t think it’s possible to get secondary token as it isn’t sustainable.

  • Let’s give it a benefit of the doubt and say $matic will be the secondary reward.

The question is:

  1. Will someone provide constant liquidity so $matic can always be given out as extra?
  2. There has to be $matic generating from somewhere or else someone has to manually fill.

→ There has to be an exchange of values which is <securing> for <rewards>.

It is a good thought though!

That would be possible in the future with <Replicated Security> on FXCore. :+1:

  • Rewards originate from an external branch chain and they allocate a portion of their chain’s revenue to FXCore delegators in return for securing their network with FX Validators.