Delegate FX in f(x) core classic


In the past I delegated my tokens, and didn’t paid attention to the wallet migration to EVM compatible addresses.
Btw, I don’t have enough FX tokens to pay the gas fees for migrating.

I tried to buy some more FX tokens to do it, but they end in Fx Core, and it seems I cannot send them to Fx Core classic for the migration ?
Or is there any trick for sending it to FX core classic by using a FX core addresse !?

I’m missing less than 0.15FX for doing the migration, but whatever I think I should start by undelegating 10FX for not having this problem again.

Any help is welcome !


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You can do it via Keplr Wallet.

  1. Make a wallet on Keplr
  2. Transfer some FX to your Keplr on FXCore network - (start with 0x)
  3. Transfer the FX to your classic address - (start with fx)

I searched how to do it and found this :

Really thanks to you, you are awesome, made it :slight_smile:

and if admin want to ban one more scammer :

Thanks again for your help SCENE :slight_smile:

No worries, glad to be of help.

For anyone who DMs you, just block and report them. The Staff will take care of them.

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