Delegate - Max minus 5 FX

So i just came from the Function X Main Telegroup and it has been happening quite a few times already.

One of the common issues that has been going around is accidentally delegating everything and not having any FX left to “redelegate” or “vote” on future proposals.

2 solutions that can be implemented:


  1. Max minus -5 FX so that people will always have a balance of 5 FX.

  1. If they wish to fully delegate, prompt a message below when they click the option “MAX”.

The message can be, “Remember to leave a small amount for future transactions”.


Seems like quite many experienced this problem too. Me, myself & my friends are guilty of forgetting sometimes too. :sweat_smile:

Although it is their/our fault for forgetting, i think it is still a simple solution that will benefit the whole ecosystem. This can be considered a QoL upgrade. (Quality of Life)

They will be able to do more future transactions which will help both sides.

  • FX will have more transaction count / delegated tokens & ratio goes up / Votes
  • Delegators will always have leftover balance to continue to do future transactions

I personally think solution #2 is best, prompting a message below to remind them that they will need some leftover balance to do future transactions like redelegation and voting of proposals.

Having leftover means delegators will always have leftovers to vote on proposals too.

Many people want to vote but because they accidentally delegate everything, they can’t participate in voting any of the proposals. It affects more than just themselves.


Seems like a pretty simple fix to implement.

Please do this.

This would be very usefull. Ive had this with max delegating and now I made this mistake while bridging fx(core) to fx.

I wanted to keep a few in my wallet, but after I bridged I realised it also costed a bridging fee. Leaving me without any Fx(core). Ofcourse this was my own fault. But this solution will make it more user friendly.

Yup. Like Amazon’s core principle is Customer first, users first.

Having user friendly UI and user friend systems will push any company forward.

Although it is mainly our fault, i think it would benefit both sides if a QoL upgrade can be done so that this issue won’t even happen at all.

That said, i know the team is very busy building other stuff. So sorry!

Already been poposed before too

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@Chloechloe please consider this feature.

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Got it. Indeed a good improvement suggestion

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What about my suggestion
Costumize fx wallet themes

Sure. We record all suggestions into our “suggestion pool”. Suggestions could always inspire us