Delegated amount incorrect

Since yesterday the delegated amount in my fxwallet does not add up after i delegate fx.

The delegated amount is stuck. And so also the estimated daily rewards.

The transactions are succesful though, i have 3 examples:

Tx: 0xc6d249729d9a03c04050c798f06f69f6d1d5a4db259a4eb7bef46265f04aa1aa

Tx: 0xde976e6a01ca914195d0908345faf0b9f39a9ee2f73da421b2cacdcbeab9eae2

Tx: 0xe35c6138b98a96d8bd7570a49eff47df5cbed140301efad90ddce5cfebfb6d83

I have had contact with validator (for the first 2 tx’s).
He could see on his node the correct total delegated amount on his node.
But so on my fxwallet it is incorrect.

I deleted the fxwallet app, cleared cache on phone, installed again and imported wallet, but unfortunatly still incorrect delegated amount is shown.

I don’t dare to redelegate more now…

Any suggestions or help ?


The issue has already been forwarded to the tech team yesterday. :wink:

It is just the front-end UI display that is not updating. The backend is processing it correctly, as shown on StarScan Explorer, so everything is SAFU.


Ah ok, thanks a lot (again) for the fast reply!
You’re the best!


i have same issue on the wallet, doesnt show right new´ validator data, …

It is currently under maintenance for synchronization between the Explorer and f(x)Wallet. Do give it some time for the maintenance to finish. :pray:

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ok, thanks

i see that have been updated data now. almost 15 hours* waiting and scared jejeje

FX Wallet shows the correct amount. :grinning: :grinning: Was waiting since last saturday morning