DEXPASS - which do you prefer?

Dear Community,

Not just the DeXPOS beta testing happening, DEXPASS card is also undergoing testing :sunglasses:

The card will support multi-currency, so we’d like to ask for your opinion.
Which one you prefer having and is easier for the adoption?

  • A pre-paid card preloaded with stable coins
  • A cold wallet for you to deposit your favorite coins after the purchase

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Let us know what you think!


This is fantastic news break. Why not have both options… Although the obvious and the most likely used feature will be the vote that wins clearly already - the cold wallet.

If we can support LN, can it be used on non XPOS devices eg NCR… Further expanding our reach without the integration of the whole XPOS OS I was thinking…

Just attempting to think of more use cases for the DEX pass. It is different than other crypto cards out there, and trying to maximising it.

Having a metal based dex pass will be cool, on top of special custom print editions…

It will be good for new users (and old) to use it to withdraw in fiat via XPOS Merchants, straight from the DEX pass. What will be the withdrawal limit if so… But making it more adoptable for new users maybe…

A QR code at the back of the card will be handy and future proof for e-commerce payments, (eg ordering a pizza with dex pass direct). Also maybe expand new user base if the usecase of login in to margin X exchange and actually trade, sell and store with dex pass…

Also since Margin X requires no kyc and sign up, so maybe there is a niche here…

All rough ideas here, I will add more here if we can all get a killer idea on top of what the team has brilliantly planned thus far.


Agreed. It should have both.

For a newbie or less experienced crypto enthusiasts, a prepaid card would be a wise investment.

For an experienced holder/trader, a blank cold wallet would be more attractive.

There are only two stable coins which have universal acceptance in my opinion. They are USDT and USDC (As these can be traded for fiat on binance and coinbase).

You could instead provide a fresh blank wallet that holds no coin and users can add packages instead.

Lets say:

  1. Stable growth package - for $500 you would get a mixture on top 20 coins on FX mainnet listed on CMC
  2. Pegged package - filled with gold and currency pegged coins
  3. Stable coins - $100 worth of USDT and USDC
  4. Meme coins package - Selected memecoins
  5. Staking package - Selected coins with high APY

The list can just go on.


That’s a very creative suggestion.


if it’s not favorable or possible to have both in the one card, how about a 2 for one price for supplying people with 2 cards with these choices then they can choose to carry the one with self loaded stable coins & store another as a cold card self loaded with what ever, if you are just teasing us & they will do both anyway; still do a 2 for 1 price to supporters so we can separate it as i said above. Cheers guy’s love your work

Suggestion can we make these deXpass cards only buyable with PUNDIX or PURSE through the Pundi X chain & that a Percentage of fee’s will go towards the burning of PUNDIX in the spirit of giving more utility to the use case of Purse, PUNDIX & burns


I would like both options and an extra option.

The default could be a empty cold wallet and if the user wants to get a card with stable coins in it, the seller could top up according to how much the buyer wants - of course, with a minimum sum of like $5-10.

Reason being is that for example, if it was already topped up with $20 but the buyer only wants $5-10, then he won’t get it - this is a case of inflexibility which made us lose a potential customer.

Easier adoption only comes with a range of flexibility. - I have seen multiple times in real life situations where different consumers prefer to top up different amounts.

  • Different circumstances
  • They are buying different items which cost differently
  • Students may not be able to afford $20 above pre-paid

Statistics show that the newer generation are more keen on using crypto as payments and are more interested in crypto than stocks.

Once again, this is about mass adoption and the goal is everyone but we are also supposed to target the market that have majority of the share and are also easily willing to convert to crypto payments which is → students.

In Singapore, we have a lot of similar type of cards like these.

For example, we have a Banquet Card which we can use at food centres and everyone have the option of topping up whatever amount they want.

There are a lot of cases where buyers avoid cards that doesn’t have options because of the inflexibility of not being able to top up how much they want - it was already topped up with $20.

For examples, students won’t be able to afford them etc. If we are talking about mass adoption, there has to be flexibility in options.

There are a few scenarios.

  • Buyer prefers pre-paid card with a fixed amount
  • Buyer prefers blank card - Top up themselves
  • Buyer prefers blank card and wishes for the seller to help them top up a certain amount

( Hassle-free for seller and has the option to top up the amount he wants )

This is a common service provided by 7-11, our public transport, food centers & many others in Singapore where consumers have multiple options for card usage.


It’s interesting tbh.

How the card activation will be in either choices.

I think second choice will come preactivated address on card. So maybe this can be as giftcard crypto or for kids to use etc.( Selling seed phrase with it ? )

While first one can be paired on pick with your own or new made address.

I dunno I see it this way :rofl: but I will go with cold storage as it’s more into the decentralized manner.

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Maybe explain more on how both will be sold in simple way.

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I imagine you will only need to activate the card in a fashion or create a wallet on the card in a fashion, from there you fill the card to your choosing- is what I think is coming - I notice people are putting in the request of what’s on the cards as in quantity but I’m thinking that will be to your own discretion maybe even manage them using a connection app like FX wallet.

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I think picking the first choice is almost like having an ATM card but this time, even worse because all your different account in a wallet are linked to this one single card so if it’s stolen or misplaced, all you money in that wallet are gone. But the second choice is more of a gift card for people to give friends family and share the love especially during festive seasons. Just saying.


I would assume the XPASS card functions as a debit card or a pre-paid card which usually only contain a small amount for daily spending. That is probably its main feature.

You are not supposed to put all your assets into the XPASS as it is a spending card.

Also, i’m pretty sure it has some sort of security feature so even if you lose it, a stranger can’t just tap and pay. I think the user has to key in a password, same like how traditional credit / debit card works.


Where can i get xpass

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