Does $FX have a deflation model plan?

Does $FX have a deflation model plan?
A model like $ETH transaction fee burn. Etc
Anyone who knows about it let me know.

At the moment, there aren’t any deflation plans.

In the future, will there be a deflationary plan?

As of right now, there are none. But I can’t say the same for the future, as it is ever-changing.

The team will definitely announce if there are plans for deflation.

FX has a maximum supply of 1.89B and is not perpetually inflationary.

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After the maximum supply is supplied, is the reward paid out of transaction fees? like bitcoin

Yes. 15 years of inflation, up to the maximum supply, and then rewards are paid out of transaction fees.

So there is 15 years of building to stack the ecosystem up, so there will be more activity.

You can read the post from 2019 if you’d like:


Thank you, let’s keep building FX ecosystem.