Does it possible Bridges with these other blockchains..?

Does it possible Bridges with these other blockchains…? THETA, Vechain (VET), STACK (STX), BTC, and BTC LN??


i think is cant

btc exists already, ain’t it ?

that depends on the willingness of those chains to want the connection, if they have their own main net it’s a 2 way street I believe they will need to provide a landing pad into their network, like a stargate there needs to be a gate to the other side, Eth erc 20 coins this would be easier as we have an EVM network so those are probably more likely only waiting for community demand/request. don’t quote me just taking a punt here

i mean bridge between BTC/FX or BTC/USDT (FxCore) on FxCore Blockchain in FxWallet.

also Bridges between THETA, Stacks, Vechain Blockchains to USDT (FxCore)