Elevate Your Project on FXCore with MarginX: A Guide to Token Creation and Listing

Hello, FX Community & MXAlliance!

We’ve received numerous inquiries about how to create tokens on FXCore and achieve listing on MarginX. Let’s dive into the essentials you need to know.

MarginX operates independently from Function X, though we are a permission-less DEX that launched on the Function X network. As a decentralized exchange, MarginX offers crypto projects, traders, and DeFi enthusiasts the opportunity to list, trade, and provide liquidity, all within an environment that celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship.

To support the growth of new projects on FXCore, MarginX is excited to offer a unique opportunity. We are prepared to connect visionary project creators with our network of third-party smart contract developers who are willing to assist in token development on a pro-bono basis.

For those bursting with ideas but lacking in technical expertise, this is your chance to bring your vision to life. Submit your request, and our developers will review the potential of assisting in your token’s creation.

It’s important to note, however, that token creation is just the beginning. Successful projects will need to manage their own liquidity and undertake significant marketing efforts to thrive. MarginX is here to facilitate your token’s listing, but we do not provide ongoing support, ownership, or liquidity for listed tokens. Additionally, should a token fail to demonstrate trading activity or volume within a set timeframe after listing, MarginX reserves the right to delist it from our exchange.

We’re here to help you kickstart your project on FXCore with MarginX. Let’s work together to enrich FXCore network with innovative tokens and vibrant projects.

Tell us your ideas today!