f(x)Core Update 20220629: f(x)Core Mainnet Milestone Upgrade V2.1.0

This is a milestone upgrade that contains a list of significant changes to f(x)Core mainnet, including the migration to Cosmos SDK v0.45.5 and Tendermint v0.34.20, and the deployment of EVM into the Function X network.

See full list of changes in this upgrade: fx-core/CHANGELOG.md at release/v2.1.x · FunctionX/fx-core · GitHub
View the code at Release v2.1.0-deprecated · FunctionX/fx-core · GitHub

The upgrade is proposed to take place at height 5,713,000, which should occur approximately at July 16th, 2022 at 12:00:00 UTC. Validators on f(x)Core Mainnet, please go to Fx-evm mainnet for details and latest information.