f(x)Wallet 2.0 is here!

Most case people lost their pundix because their pundix on eth chain


I think we need a dedicated fx wallet section for suggestions and bugs. @eduardstal

If the devs ever get around to it, it would be great if we can get more pages to pin (Mark, as shown on fx wallet).

For example deeper into the process of that feature/or page, such as the fx Bridging or much deeper into the delegation page ie “view my delegations” page would be sweet.

It will demostrate great flexibility and usability for advanced daily users. At the moment there is a lot of pages to flick through to see those lovely fx piling up.

Also retrieving back from these pages to the home screen, is a few steps with “different exit tap points”, alternating left exit, right, left and finally down home tap, to get back from “my delegations” page.

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Hi, I can observe after converting from fx classic to 0x, the 0x actually has another fx address, may I know the logic behind this @BlueStitch .

In fxwallet I suggest the names to switch between 0x and the other new fx address called “fxevm” instead of Ethereum

Hi there hope you could help assist me also if you don’t mind please I had my pundi x tokens staked from last year through the f(x)Wallet but never un-staked them before the update to the Wallet in which I have done the upgrade and can’t figure out how to find my pundi x coins, I have a feeling they are still in the staking pool after it finished but have no clue how I could get them back I can see the transaction on the ETH network on Etherscan, Any idea how this could be resolved ?


Hi KG_20, the tech team is aware of this.

They are currently in the process of making a separate individual interface for users to unstake their tokens from the pre-governance contract. Your tokens are still safe in the contract.

It may take some weeks before the interface is completed, but rest assured that it is in the making.

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Hi there and thanks for the update as I’ve had not a single response through email on the official website and now I can finally relax for the moment.

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I recomending two things about wallet apk:

  1. downloaded apk file name put version release number to know if i get newest or not.

  2. Just instaled app but not restored still needs to show release version also. there is not indication.