f(x)Wallet -> Android app BUG (Transaction is not visible in the FX explorer)

In the fx explorer rewards transactions (“MsgWithdrawDelegatorReward”) are seen when the transaction is performed manually by pressing the “Rewards” button in the f (x) wallet.
But if this is not done, but if a new amount of fx is added for delegation to the validator with the prize we did not clamed, the prize will automatically be sent to the wallet. This reward transaction that is automatically sent is not visible on the fx mainnet explorer.
Can it be corrected so we can see past transactions as well? @eduardstal @zaccheah
Thank you

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@Richard can you pass this to the devs pls?

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Hi Angie, correct me if I am wrong,

  1. if you manually claim your rewards in the f(x) wallet, the transaction is visible in fx explorer but
  2. if you still have yet to claim your rewards and add more fx tokens to the same delegator, the prize money will be sent to the wallet and that transaction will not be visible in the fx explorer?
  3. would it be possible to provide screenshots of the entire step through process so we can have more clarity on the bug and investigate further?
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Hi @Richard,
Iam sorry I didn’t see you answer earlier.

3. basically it’s just one step:
and existing rewards (underlined with blue on picture) is automaticaly sent to wallet but there is no record on fx explorer that the rewards were sent to the wallet.

Hi @Richard @MarcusLeBlanc @eduardstal
Any news about that?
This is important because even if you claim rewards before delegate, in that 10-15 seconds between claim and delegation new reward coins are created end they also in the moment of delegation are sent to our wallet without transaction hash and if we delegate each day, a significant amount of those coins without a transaction hash will be collected. My tax administration says that if I do not have proof of the origin of the coin (meaning transaction hash) that I will have to ask the company in question (pudix labs) to issue me an official certificate of origin of the coin, ie a certificate that some of those coins for which I do not have a transaction hash was obtained by delegation. I think the tax laws are similar in most European and world countries, it would be good to correct that not to complicate things. Because other way punix labs will must calculate every transaction of delegation for each delegator to calculate how much coins are issued without transaction hash to know what to write in that certificate which tax administration requires. This is a huge work for Punix labs so its better to be avoid.

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