f(X)Wallet -> APY algorithm missunderstanding

Hi Dev team,
I’m doing some post stake calculations and noticed something that seemed off from what I expected.

I only staked fx. never added or removed any fx
staked 27347.948 before the launch of the calculation period for total coverage.
build up 2551. 74844 reward fx
which comes down to 0.0933 (9.33%) gained
staked the whole 71 days which works down to 0.00131 (0.131%) a day
times 365 is 0.479
so an realized apy van 47.9% average
staked using the andriod f(x)wallet.

The thing is, I checked quite regularly and never saw the fx apy below 45 , with the fast majority of the time far above that(gradually declining apy from 140% to 47%). So with that calculation it seems something is off, as I expected a larger gained apy (more around the 50/60 mark).
I saw on the telegram groups that the apy did have a 25% at some point, but that the app was inconsistent towards him about the apy.

Is there anyone that could elaborate on what the apy was over time and or if there has been strong moments of a lower apy and i just missed that?, or might there may be some bug (display) at play?


Perhaps the app listed staking amount is the “extrapolated average” amount instead of the “current” amount. This is what I believe may have been the case here. Because at the end of the staking period, the “stated” APY % in the app was equal to the average APY you and I both received (around 47%)

I do not think this a bug, but instead, the APY % isn’t the “current” rewards percentage, but rather the APY average over the entire period


That could be it,
If i calculate with 70 days, it the exact % as the app shows right now