F(x) wallet How to access with new phone

Looking for some help here; I recently upgraded to a new Samsung S22 phone…
I just tried to access my f(x) wallet and because it’s a new phone, I can’t use my password!
It is asking me for my pass phrase recovery words that I do not have!?

Is there another way I can regain access to my wallet?

Thank you very much for any help!

You have to write down your 12-24 seed phrase on a piece of paper when you first create your account.

Every private wallet including a ledger and other wallets, like Metamask also have their own 12-24 word seed phrase which ask the user multiple times to save it.

If you didn’t copy or write down your seed phrase somewhere, it will be impossible to restore.

Only the user(you) who create the account will know about their own unique seed phrase, no one else knows.

The only solution now is to get your old phone back and send out your funds to your new wallet and always remember to write down your seed phrase.

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You must have written down your seedphrase (24-words) somewhere. Without that, you will never be able to recover your private wallet.
Your seedphrase is your private key !!!

The password purpose is only to encrypt your seedphrase on your smartphone. There are many warnings about that when you install f(x)wallet.

Do you still have your old phone ? Did you already reset it to factory ?

if you can access your old device with the working FX wallet you can go into settings and access the seed phrase under backup, then use that to restore the wallet in the app on your new phone, when you do this you can make a new password to what ever you like, as long as you have your seed phrase you can re-install the app and restore a wallet and make a new password, as said above if you didn’t record your seed which is on you to do at setup & you can’t get it from your old device no one can help you

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Thank you for the reply…
No I traded it in and Factory Reset the phone…it’s gone.
I just can’t believe that I don’t have the seed phrase words written down like I do for all of my other wallets!
I know, my responsibility
It’s a lot of money I just lost!
A valuable lesson indeed.
Thank you again!

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If it’s possible, you can ask the company to give it back to you. There are a lot of information on how to restore data even after factory reset.

SCENE , the company has no access whatsoever to the seedphrase.
The only way out is to not do anything anymore on the old phone, unplug it from internet, try to see if the encrypted private key was not overwritten, recover it, decrypt it using the password and f(x)wallet algorithm.
There are lots of ‘if’.
@Zeppelin808 , how much money are we talking about ?

I was referring to the phone company that he traded the phone in, he can get his phone back.

He can get his phone back from the phone company and restore the data himself so he can get access to his original fx wallet.

In Singapore, when we trade a phone in for a brand new phone, the company holds on to the old phone for a while. He can still can get it back and restore data by himself.

I already wrote on top that only he has access to his own seed phrase. Was referring to getting his phone back from the phone company aka probably Apple, Samsung or some company.

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Ok ! My brain totally ignored that he traded it in.
It was already a complicated situation…

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Hopefully it works out for him, losing money sucks.

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