F(x) wallet usage problem

Hi everyone. Today I want to try fx wallet. I’ve sent from binance 140$ worth usdt to the wallet. The transaction was executed successfully. After receiving the exact amount, I tried to swap all of it to functionx token. I got an error message.

then I tried lower amount of money, I got the same error message.

I gave up, and decided to send all usdt money to binance account. I faced the the same error message. ( insufficient eth to cover the fee).
What should I do to get rid of this annoying problem and to get my money back

All transactions on fx wallet as its decentralized wallet built on Ethereum network, you need ethereum to preform actions

wallet works 100% fine.
Remember to store ETH for Transaction fees too.

thank you for clarification.
(by the way, that was what I was afraid of. )

tnx. I hope, It’s not high :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

One more question. I have no idea about that. What amount of eth I need for covering gas fee in order to buy 140$ worth fx token.
would “0056 eth” enough for that?

You need to deposit $50 worth of ETH before you can swap USDT to Pundix

Ethereum network fees (gas) varies and is not fixed, you may check them here, when network is not congested gas is around 5-20, but in times when there’s more transactions in can jump very high. Before you do your swap I would suggest to make sure gas is not high at that moment as it can be pretty costly. At this time average gas is around 20 and it would cost you ~9usd to perform swap.
And yes, 0.056 eth would be enough as that is equal to around 110usd.

Send some ETH to your FX Wallet. You need to have ETH to pay gas fees whenever you are doing transactions on the Ethereum network.